Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics

"Taking Control of Your
Comics-Writing Destiny"
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About - From concept to marketing, everything changes when writing and self-publishing. Many books cover the ins and outs but how about for comics? Comfort Love and Adam Withers, wife and husband team having written and self-published their own comic book series, present a guide on self-publishing comics, giving their advise for writers, artists, colorers, and letters on creating their story.  With advise from top members in the industry and step-by-step details on creating a comic, this book delves into all areas of the creating process and marketing and selling process, giving a complete guide to self-publishing your comic.

Authors - Comfort Love and Adam Withers

Publisher - Watson-Guptill; an imprint of Crown Publishing Group
Personal Opinion - It doesn't matter where you are in your comic creating process, conceptualizing, crafting, or marketing, or who you are in the team, writer, artist, colorer, or letterer, this book will help. Each chapter not only gives insight into not only each persons area but also so each member of the team knows what is needed and problematic for everyone, preparing all members for the challenge ahead. Reading not only their experiences and advise but also the industry experts really revealed the world and business of creating a comic. Even though this is a non-fiction, how-to book, it was not dry, but used images and side bares that makes comics special within the book to illustrate and expand on their lessons. Some of the chapters go really into detail that isn't needed if you don't do Photoshop or Illustrator but those chapters do provide great insight into what members of the team are going through and expected of them. One thing I wish they had gone more in depth on was setting up the script. As they mentioned, they didn't have the time nor was it the point to give advice on the writing process (other books exist for that) but they did cover on setting up the script's format. Yet, I felt it was really general and could have had more details especially considering the details given in the artist, illustrator, or letterer chapters. Anyone interested in creating comics, even if they are just beginning, would find this book helpful and a great resource.

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Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from the publisher through Blogging for Books.

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