Sunday, July 29, 2012

Merlin's Immortals: The Orphan King

"The Future of the Immortals
is in the Hands of an Orphan."
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - Thomas has spent most of his life with the only person he has ever loved, a woman named Sarah, or monks who worked him hard. But he knows he is destined for other things and escapes. After freeing a knight, a silent girl, and a grinning pickpocket from hanging, he sets off to reclaim the castle Magnus from an evil tyrant. But there is more to the knight than meets the eye. A long time conflict is just beginning to rise up again. And, unawares, Thomas is in the middle of it.
Author - Sigmund Brouwer

Publisher - WaterBrook Press
Age Group - 15 and up
Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Thomas does trickery to get what he wants and threatens some monks who have raised him yet abused and used him. The monks are greedy and do things against the church and wish to keep it hidden from others. The church and its people are shown as those who make their own choices instead of the Catholic church being corrupt. William protects those around him. Characters look to God for help but Thomas wishes to ignore Him, which seems to be changing by the end. Thomas respects women and tries to defend them.

Personal Opinion - Sigmund Brouwer created an interesting book with an array of different
characters, a honorable knight, a determined orphan, a giddy pickpocket, and a shadowy girl, while playing with history and hinting to some fantasy. It had good action/adventure and some building of a deeper mystery that is still hidden. That might be my biggest thing about this book, I wish it had built more on what was the series was about and Druids and Immortals. I got some hints but wish there had been more. How Catholicism was handled was something I appreciate being a Catholic because I have read books where it seems it is spoken of in general terms and that religion is corrupt or hypocrites instead of just being people's own choices and not living the faith they profess. They may not be how other authors mean to portray it but it just feels like that sometimes. This book didn't do that in my opinion. Only once did it seemed something was said in a general term but, at the end of the book, the human choice aspect still there. I am looking forward to what happens next and will defiantly be getting book 2, there is a lot of promise for some action and mystery to abound. Can't wait!

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Special Notes - There is a cool PODCAST interview here that gives some background information of the series and his writing.
Book 2 coming out 2013.

Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

"Sparks Will Fly!"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - Katness and Peeta are home but nothing is the same. Katness's relationships with both Peeta and Gale and she has no need to go hunting to keep her family alive. Just before the Victory Tour, Katness is threatened and so are the ones she loves. Try to convince the districts that she was just madly in love and not trying to start a rebellion is not as easily done as it is said. But when the announcement of the 75th Hunger Games, the Quarter Quell, a special games with a twist, comes, it will take everything Katness and Peeta's got to make it through.

Author - Suzanne Collins

Publisher - Large Print Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning; Published in 2012 by arrangement with Scholastic, Inc (Info from Copyright page)

Age Group - 16 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Katness and Peeta defend and protect each other from the Capital. Lots of lying. Katness gets drunk once, Peeta squashes that quickly. A contestant in the games gets naked to cause discomfort (not described in detail, though) and Peeta laughs at Katness because she is uncomfortable about it. Someone claims to be pregnant but you know nothing has happened and they are not.
Personal Opinion - Catching Fire did just what Hunger Games did; hooked my in seconds and didn't let go... Ended in such a way that it still has me. Katness and Peeta are such fabulous characters that they just take me on their journey and make me want to know what happens next. Also, a bunch of stuff I never saw coming happened that added suspense and excitement to the book. The only thing I didn't like was the characters lying and being naked (there was one more thing but it might spoil the book). The book was also a little more violent so I feel it is more appropriate for a teen age group. But it was still good and gave examples of self-sacrifice, fighting to protect others and for justice.

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Awards - #1 USA Today Bestseller

Links - Learn more about the books and author here.

Special Notes - Book 1, Hunger Games, review
                         Hunger Games Movie Review
                         Book 3, Mockingjay, review - Coming Soon
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Book by Dee Henderson

Hello and welcome to Bookworm,

Found out that Dee Henderson, one of the first Christian authors I've read, has a new book coming out. Her O'Malley Series and Uncommon Heroes Series are really good, some of the best I've read. One of the books in the O'Malley Series won a Christy Award. Both series I would give 5 Worms. They were filled with excitment, mystery, romance, and a coming of faith in each book in those series. There were two other books outside thoses series, one of which I read but wasn't too fond of. But, it is with great anticipation that I am looking forward to her newest book, Full Disclosure, which sounds as good as her O'Malley and Uncommon Heroes Sereis.

Check out the facebook page. On the page, you can download the first three chapters, hear from Dee Henderson herself, enter to win a signed copy of Full Disclosure, watch the book trailor, and, for you reviewers out there, requested an Advanced Readers Copy to review (I did this and they have a limited supply)!

Hope you enjoyed the news. Will post a review of this book when I get it. Have you read Dee Henderson? Are you interested in reading her newest book? Let me know!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Giveaway WINNER!

Congrats to The Maniacal Bookworm (TMB), our winner of Swipe by Evan Angler!

Their answer to what kind of technology gadget they see being used in the future was something that makes us invisible. That would be cool and I would love it. Congrats TMB and I will send you a copy of the book soon.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

On Tour: Books 3-4

"What is Parker Hiding?" - The Secret
"What Defines True Love?" - The Songwriter
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - *The Secret* Parker has high hopes for his band that proclaims God's love. After finding God eight months ago though, he is still having trouble with old temptations. As a big gig gets closer, several secrets Parker is hiding are going to have to come out but what will happen when they do?
*The Songwriter* With her parents marriage in shambles and a boy seeming to only like her because she is "in the band," Darby is doubtful she will ever find true love. Perhaps she is only meant to concentrate on her music. As the band begins to move up and is offered the chance of a lifetime, Darby will have to learn what true love is and that there is One who loves her the way she is.

Author - Barb Huff

Publisher - Barbour

Age Group - 14 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Parker had a sinful past but he is working hard to over come it. He learns to forgive someone for their past deeds and stands up for what he believes in. Is obedient even when he doesn't want to be. Lies for a while to his friends and family. His family isn't interested in religion.
Darby wants to believe in love but her parents make it hard to do so. She doesn't let herself be used to be popular. Still getting use to the goth Christian girl.

Personal Opinion - I found myself pulled into Parker's story and the character's struggle. It was so believable and the story is well developed for being less than 200 pages long. What Parker learned about sharing his faith and how other will respond to it was great (it even had the verse in there that I was thinking about) and what he learned about purity was lovely. Also, his conviction towards is faith was fabulous for our world today of teens who thinks it is no big deal to be intimate with a girl or who don't take their faith too seriously.

I had a bit more difficult time with Darby though but I did understand a few things with her story. I really connected on the character's struggle with her parents fighting and her not being able to shut off her song ideas (this happening with my story ideas). Still getting use to the goth girl who was Christian idea but all the characters were wonderful role models for Christian teens. *Spoiler Alert* My biggest problem with it was the situation with the parents seemed to get resolved too quickly. *Spoiler End*. But it was still good.

A great book and a series I will have to get my hands on for the rest.

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Links - Learn more about the books and author here.
Special Notes - The Secret is book 3 and The Songwriter is book 4 in the series. I hope to get the first two books soon.
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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Quest for Truth: Risk

"Oliver! Oliver!...
Come in, Oliver!"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4.5 Worms

Storyline - Oliver, Tiffany, Mason, and Austin finally make it to their new destination. Using the clues they have, they explore the planet, finding strange messages they have to interpret and find a forgotten city. But things don't go smoothly. The become separated, each encountering different adventures, some almost costing them their lives. The danger mounts when the Ubel arrive. Will the Wikks get back the parents? Will they find the next clue of finding Ursprung? Will the be able to avoid capture?

Author - Brock Eastman

Publisher - P & R Publishers

Age Group - 10 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* The kids fight on occasion and one is disobedient. They care about each other but, as the adventure goes on, the care and respect becomes deeper. Each Wikk does what they can to look out for one another and try to protect each other.
Personal Opinion - When I reviewed book 1, Taken, I said this series had a lot of promise and that it could be exciting in the future books. Book 2, Risk, did not disappoint in any of those regards, even going to the points of excelling. I felt I got to know the Wikk kids more and the quest was fast paced and danger filled, the action beginning quickly and lasting through the whole book. The Christian element was also coming out more. Loved it. Just saw some telling, a technical element in storytelling, errors while reading but I didn't mind them much. This is my favorite book so far of the series and can't wait to read book 3, Unleash, coming out later this year. Wish I could have it now.
Buy - Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Publisher, Author (signed copy option)

Links - Learn more about the books and author here.

Special Notes - Book 1, Taken, Review
                         Book 3, Unleash, Out in October 2012
                         Books 4-5, Out in 2013

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

God Blessed the Broken Road Series: Mariza

"What if God Could Send You 
an Angel?"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - Mariza wants to cheer up her brother David so plans a trip for the two of them. But, while on the way, they are stopped at a rest stop and are not allowed to leave. Shortly after, Mariza goes missing. David and the police search but hope is dwindling by the minute. Then the worst happens and David begins to slid for the worse. But God is listening.

Author - Crystal Cattabriga
Publisher - Empowered by Words
Age Group - 17 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Mariza and David care about each other and try to do things for the other. David wants to kill himself (even attempts) because of his guilt and hopelessness. He hates who did this and wants to hurt them but starts to heal with this by the end. Hints that something really bad happened to Mariza.

Personal Opinion - A beautiful and sad story, but it is also just the beginning. It had me crying at times, I felt for the characters and there was some heavy stuff (if you are seriously depressed right now, it might not be the best book at the moment). David really goes through some intenes situations when his sister is taken and then makes some bad choices soon after. It is understood what kind of things happened to David's sister when she is taken but none of it is graphic. But, the reader is left with hope and David begins to grow. There is a beautiful spot of healing within the book but I don't want to spoil it. One thing I wish had been done differently was when David talks about all the mistakes he did in his life, it sounds like he is talking about more than just what happened with his sister so I would have liked some elaboration on that. Other than that, there were some typos and spelling/grammar problems. But, this was a good read and I would like to get the other books in this series when they come out.

Buy - Amazon (Kindle only), Barnes and Noble (Nook only), Publisher (Paperback, Kindle, or Nook opptions),

Links - Learn more about the book and author here.

Special Notes - Two more books in this series will be published later this year. Take a look at them here.

Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.
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Prize of My Hear

"Massachusetts, 1815.
Will His Love Endure Once
He Learns Her Secret?"
Bookworm's Ranking - 3.5 Worms

Storyline - Brogan's wife took his son, Ben, away and hid him, promising that he will never find his son again. Three years later, Brogan has found his son. But Ben doesn't know him, has a new name, and has been integrated into the new family. But Brogan is determined to get him back and not to fall for the sweet mother-figure, Lorena, of Ben. As Brogan begins to spend time with them, that is proving harder to do and to keep the secret that he is Ben's father. Though, Loren has a secret too that she is keeping from Brogan, something that could devistate him.

Author - Lisa Norato

Publisher - Bathany House Publisher, an imprint of Baker Publishing Group

Age Group - 15 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Lorena looked to God when she needed help and looked after the ones she loved. Brogan is bitter towards God but comes to learn His love. Some hints to someone having been immoral but hasn't been and someone else is said to have had an affair. Asks the question of weather Piracy in time of war is wrong. A lie is kept for a while then told to Brogan but is still being kept from one person in the end.

Personal Opinion -
I enjoying this book. The author did a good job at moving the story along and making characters I could conect with. Enjoyed it all the way through, espessially the Bible references like one character was said that Moses could have used his sarcasm as a plague. Also, the characters' inner journeys were well done, even though it seemed one character had changes of heart a little too quickly on occaision. But, it is the ending that brought it down from me. I was really upset with it at first and had to re-read it to be happier with it. It has its upsides and downside. I can see how this ending was needed to really show this love and I can't go too in depth because I would have to give away the entire book but there was one thing that could have made it a lot better for me which would have been seeing Ben and Brogan interacting with each other after the secret came out, still would have liked this scene even when I'm feeling my best about the ending. Maybe I liked it more the second time because I missed something while crying buckets or my mind was just rebelling or something after the first reading. Still, I go back and forth on this, condsidering giving it 3.5 or 4 Worms depending on my mood. In the end, it was an interesting read and the author did a good job at creating a story and characters with a good message on love but I will probably not re-read this book any time soon.

Buy - Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Publisher,

Links - To learn more about the book and auther, click here.

Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers.

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