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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Winter's Child

"'Once Upon a Time' is Timeless."
Bookworm's Ranking - 4.5 Worms

Storyline - Deirdre was just a child when she became the Winter Child, destined to right a wrong not of her own making that would take her across the world. Ky and Grace grew up together as close friends even though Ky is open to possibilities and likes to fix things while Grace focuses on reality and dreams of journeying to the horizon. When these three cross paths, it will take strength, determination, and faithfulness to their task to find love and their place in the world.

Author - Cameron Dokey

Publisher - Simon and Schuster

Age Group - 14 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* A couple of the characters lie to escape dangerous situations. The meaning of love and sacrifice and friendship are tried. The faithfulness to their missions are tested.

Personal Opinion - A fabulous retelling of The Snow Queen while keeping close to the original story yet being different and its own tale. All the characters struggle for what it means to love selflessly and sacrificially. Each is struggling with understanding this and has to live with the consequences of their choices and the choices of others. The author had several character points of view but also used the first person narrative for each person yet was able to keep who was speaking straight with chapter headings similar to those from the original story. Unfortunately, the ending was partially not set up so it felt like it came out of no where, making seem like it was just thrown into the story. This is a unique and beautiful tale of friendship, determination, and love that, while based off the same story as the movie Frozen, is its own story while still keeping close to the original fairy tale.

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Note: This book is difficult to find in paperback for a reasonable price in a good condition. You can find it cheaper for worse condition.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Books Releasing in October

Hey Bookworms,

Another month of books releasing and it looks like a good batch. Three of the four I want to highlight are either from authors I've read before or part of a series I like. The only one on here I am not familiar with at all besides reading the summary is still in my usual favorite genre and published by Disney so I will probably like it. So, lets take a look at what is coming out.

DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk Volume 6

This series is fun and the stories are original. They take place during the same time as the TV show of Dragons but are their own stories, not just a retelling of what is aired on the show (Also, has anyone else been watching DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge?) No idea what is happening in this book but will be reading it. If you have been following my reading this year, you will see there have been a lot of Dragons in it.

It is releasing on the 13th.
A Thousand Nights

Here is that Disney book I was talking about earlier. From the title and cover, I have a feeling this is a retelling of Arabian Nights but not sure because I have to read or find (okay, both) a summary for this book. Yet I love the cover and would find this very miss leading if it didn't have something to do with Shahrazad.

It is releasing on the 6th.
War for the Waking World

This is book 3, and the final, in the Dreamtreaders series by Wayne Thomas Batson. This is a great author and book 2, Search for the Shadow Key, was awesome. I might still be in need of reading book 1, which is on my to-read shelf, but I can't wait to see how things come together after reading book 2. And this author is just great. You can read more reviews of his books here on Bookworm by searching his name.

It is releasing on the 27th.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Does this book need any introduction? Okay, so some might be saying, "Um, this book has been out for years," and yes, it has. But not the illustrated edition. Yup, the first Harry Potter book is being re-released with color illustrated images inside. The cover art is amazing and, when I first heard about this edition, I saw some interior art and it is cool. Can't wait to get this and will probably re-read it.

It is releasing on the 6th.

Wow, another great collection. I can't wait to get each book on here. Last months books might have broke the book shelf, but this months might break the bank. Yet, I think books are a good investments (as long as you don't go broke of course). They ignite the imagination and so much more.

Share what you are looking forward to this month book wise in the comments section.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Knight of Eldaran: The King's Hand

"Any Man Can Deceive.
But There is a Price."
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - Eamon has returned to the King after failing in his vow and received in return a miracle, forgiveness. But, finding the King and His grace once again will not make his path easy. Still spying for him under the ruse of serving the Master, Eamon has to return and do what he can for the people, being the King's hand, until he reclaims the city. But with the Master watching and the Right Hand ever so close to him and ever decision plagued by what might happen to those he has come to care for, can Eamon truly make a difference for other and not be found out or give up when the worst happens to the ones he tried to protect?

Author - Anna Thayer

Publisher - Kregel Publications

Age Group - 16 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Couple of times women were spoken of in a derogatory way. Gruesome deaths that are a bit detailed. Lost of spirituality and power in those in the side their lean upon. Determination to stay with the King despite difficulties and despair.

Personal Opinion - The return to Eamon and is struggles was a captivating and insightful event. While this volume didn't have many action scenes with battles and such, it delt with a great struggle, the spirit of man. Eamon struggles with staying strong and true to the King when one thing goes wrong after another and also needs to find a way to do the King's will, helping the people, while still hiding is allegiance and under the Master's watchful eye. It reminded me how we need to find a way to serve God and care for his people in out world when it seems so much of it has drifted away from him. Yet, the good works brings peace and glory to the One who truly deserves it. The only down side of this book is that it has some swearing in it and it can deal with some intense issues which makes it more suited for an older audience. This book deals with a great idea while also setting up and bridging books 1 and 3.

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Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from the publisher.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015


"'One Upon a Time'
is Timeless"

Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - Rapunzel has lived her whole life peacefully with a witch who has loved her like a daughter, despite her ever bald head, the one thing she wish was different. But, when things get difficult in town, it is the witch they blame and they have to run with the help of the Tinker and his assistant, their only friends. That is when Rapunzel learns the truth of what the witch wishes of her, to help her free her real daughter who is imprisoned in a tower. As time begins to run out, Rapunzel will have to dig deep to find the truth of love and beauty before the witch's daughter with the long golden hair is trapped forever.

Author - Cameron Dokey

Publisher - Simon Pulse; an imprint of Simon and Schuster

Age Group - 15 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Some magic spells and curses. Needing to over come jealousy and own self concerns. Accepting who oneself is and helping others.

Personal Opinion - This is a unique way of retelling the fairy tale of Rapunzel. I think it did a good job of examining love, what it truly is outside of the whimsical way we think of it, and even beauty. It really did a fine job of challenging those ideas into something real. I would recommend it for that reason. Yet, I found the beginning long to finally get to the tower and then not enough time spent there to truly develop clearly and perfectly the ideas that were being brought out. I also didn't like the lie the two girls made and never cleared up. That is an issue. But, this was a fun retelling and has a great amount of potential and beginning talking points on love and beauty

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Books Releasing in September

Hey Bookworms,

Happy Birthday Month to Me! Yup, its my birthday this month which is one reason why it is my favorite. It coinciding with school was not much fun but now that I'm out of school, I can just enjoy. It is also the change of the seasons, ending of summer and beginning of fall, and there are always more books releasing in fall then summer it seems. So, this month, there are four books releasing that I would like to make note of. Yes, four! Anyways, here are the releases.

Never Never

A retelling of Peter Pan but from the point of view of Captain Hook, beginning when he was a kid. A very interesting idea to dig into why Hook dislikes Peter and even to make him sympathetic too. I found this book when I was checking out a different Peter Pan retelling that also emphasized Hook, called Hook. Both of these I would like to read but not sure which one first. Maybe I should read Peter Pan first to understand the significance of the story. :)

It is releasing on the 22nd.
A Whole New World

If the title reminds you of the movie Aladdin from Disney, good, because it is published by them and asks the question 'what if Jafar got the lamp first?' Being a fan of the movie, I would like to see how this story goes. Sounds like a fun adventure. It looks like Disney will also be doing this for more of their stories and this is the first one in a series.

It is releasing on the 1st.
Upside Down Magic

Okay, so saw this cover on Twitter from Scholastic and had to find out what it was all about. Kids are in school to learn magic and this book is about the ones who mess up (like the one on the cover who can turn herself into a dragon and cat but only at the same time). This books seems like a funny and charming read and I just really want to see what happens, hopefully the troublesome magic being what it takes to do something normal magic cannot.

It is releasing on the 29th.

William Shakespeare's Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge

If you have been reading my reviews, you know I have been reading and loving this series. This is the one where the Emperor rises and Anakin falls to the Dark Side (if you have seen the movies, this should not be a spoiler). While the stories have been fun and funny at times with the adaption of the lines from the movie into William Shakespeare play language, I am hoping story moves me to tears, or some sort of sadness because of how sad this story is (I also want it for my birthday).

It is releasing on the 8th.

Now that is a collect that could break my to-read bookshelf. But they wouldn't stay there for long. Hope to see some of these as birthday gifts this year, as well as some coming out in later months (don't mind waiting for a pre-ordered gift book if it is one I really want).

How about you? Any books coming out this month that you are looking forward to this month? Want to share in the comments?

There are some great books also releasing in October so I'm looking forward to sharing those with you next month. For now...

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Comics - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - Volume 1 & 2, Issues 39-47


Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - The turtles are living in New York and falling into one dangerous event after another. Mysteries from feudal Japan and scientific troubles fill their days, putting them and their friends Casey, April, Angel, and more in situations where they have to fight back. While each character deals with their own personal issues, they come together as a time to protect their home and each other.

Creators - Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz

Publisher - IDW Publishing

Age Group - 16 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Bloody fights and some swearing. Reincarnation. Abusive father situation early in the series and conflict because of it continues to cause tension. World domination later in the comics. Staying true to family and what you believe in. Following a code and protecting friends.

Personal Opinion - The turtles are fighting crime against old and new enemies while making friends and discovering their past. A lot of things have changed in the story with this new publication yet nodes to and brings in elements of the original tales and parts to the TV shows and movies. It all blends together seamlessly and continues being a tale of family, right and wrong, and fighting for what you believe in. Each month, a continuation of their adventure is released so readers only have to go a short time before a new story is published (by the time this post will publish, I will have read at least one new comic in the series). The art work is great too. There is some content that I could do without, swearing for one, it is still a great story and not as bad as it could be. It is pretty violent and bloody so not for young readers. If you are a turtles fan, start picking this comic up at your local comic shop and enjoy a new phase of the story. (If you are picking up in the middle of this series, there are books with the past comics available for purchase that have about four comics to a book. I am using these to catch up so I have questions that I hope will be answered from where it began to where it is now. Example: the art has changed a little.)

Also, check out the Casey and April comics which is a brief side story for only a few months.

Video -

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Sunday, August 23, 2015


"Hidden Deep in the Heart of a Snow-Covered Wilderness Lies the Secret Kingdom of the Kanin - A Magical Realm as Beautiful as it is Treacherous..."
Bookworm's Ranking - 3 Worms

Storyline - Having never been completely accepted among her kingdom because she is both Kanin and Skojar, Bryn dedicates herself in her work as a Tracker, who leaves the safety of the Trolls' home to find and return with the Changlings placed in our world as babies once they have grown old enough. But, when on a routine mission, she comes face to face with the man who tried to kill her father and stabbed her years ago, Konstantin Black. Unsure what he was doing following a Changling, Bryn tries to focus on events and duties at home but something is wrong. As Konstantin continues going after Changlings, she and the other Trackers have to keep the kingdom safe. Yet, while Bryn wants to bring Konstantin to "justice," there is something that isn't right. Mysteries and fantasy abound in this first installment of The Kanin Chronicles.

Author - Amanda Hocking

Publisher - St. Martin's Griffin

Age Group - 17 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Several characters have "romantic encounters" casually. Swearing every few pages. A diversity in gender preferences for relationships. Faithfull to country and protecting those in danger. Determination to do their duty. Wanting revenge but sees there might be more to the situation that can be seen.

Personal Opinion - Filled with intrigue, action, and mystery, Frostfire was one of the most engaging and captivating books I have ever read. Even though this is based off a fairy tale yet, it is so light and woven together so well, it is its own story. The life of Bryn is complicated and so are the morals and practices of the world, creating conflict. I like how it takes place in our world yet is hidden. The author is also Minnesotan, my home state, which is just cool and, in my opinion, give credibility for writing a world filled with snow and, later, a country with water, two major parts of MN. However, I did rate this at only 3 stars and my reasons for that is the morality presented in the novel. *May Be Spoilers* Within the first chapter, a character makes a video call and connects with another character who is just finishing a "nooner". While there was nothing explicit, all the while presenting this as no big deal, just their way of life, it felt like in appropriate material, this event and subsequent references or desires that were clearly hinted yet not detailed, for teens. People do have different ideas on appropriateness of this stuff but I was uncomfortable with it being in a book meant for this age group. That was my number one issue and is making me question if I will continue reading the books even though I want to know what happens next. Second, there were some laws broken in our world that the characters did in order to escape trouble and they have the philosophy of "the ends justified the means" going for them. There were lastly a few swear words every several pages which I can usually live with so this was not a make it or break it issue. I think I may continue reading the series, not only to see how the story goes and understand the mysteries set up but also to see how the morals of the characters and the practices of the society, the Changling practice which causes some friction between characters, is covered. I want to know if the world created still thinks these ways are still okay or if their way of thinking and seeing things change even though, right now, they are defending them.

Video -

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