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Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 Glass Slippers

"One Beloved Story
Five Exciting Writers
A Collection to Cherish"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - The tale of Cinderella is timeless and beloved. In this collection of five novellas, her story is revisited and retold in surprising new ways: 1) she has no interest in the prince or going to the ball, 2) the slipper fits the wrong girl, 3) reclaiming the throne from an imposter prince, 4) drilling on an alien planet when a ship arrives with a famous captain, and 5) freeing those imprisoned in an enchanted circus. Each is unique yet faithful to the original. Enjoy the magic once again on these spellbinding tales.

Editor - Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Authors - Elisabeth Brown
                Emma Clifton
                Rachel Heffington
                Stephanie Ricker
                Clara Diane Thompson

Publisher - Rooglewood Press

Age Group - 15 and up
Content - *May Contain Spoilers*

Personal Opinion - This collection of Cinderella stories, all varying in style, mood, and even genre, really bought out the character and story in a variety of ways. She is shy, a dreamer, and even someone who faces her fear. She lives where magic exists, the real world, and even outer space. She is also loved, hated, and even disliked by her step-mother and sisters. Talk about a wide vision of Cinderella and, yet, each story was special, unique, and fun in its own way. I particularly loved A Cinder's Tale in this collection. Not only did I get to read great versions of this tale that goes in depth of the story with each one being able to read in about a day, but also get to know new authors, some of who it was there first story published. I will keep this collection and re-read the story for a while and am looking forward to the next collection by Rooglewood.  

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Books Releasing in August

Hello Bookworms,

On the first of each month, I will share about new books releasing for that particular month. Since there are just too many books releasing each month to share them all, I will have to narrow the ones featured (a whole blog could be dedicated to that). There are at least two great books releasing during August and I am looking forward to them for different reasons. Hope you are also looking forward to them.


So I heard about this book on Goodreads I think and it is a retelling of Cinderella with a Steampunk twist. The cover is beautiful and curious and I think this would be a fun book to read. It will be available on the 25th.

The Wolf Wilder

I love wolves whish is why the cover of this book caught my attention. It is about a girl who helps her father "wild" wolves and takes them back to the wild, which causes some trouble. I know nothing about the author but still want to read because of the wolf part. The trouble with it I could see is that some books that feature animals on the cover or mentioned in the summary have very little part of the actually story which irritates me. Hope this book handles it well because it sounds like the wolves are prominent. It is releasing on the 25th.

Crystal Kingdom

This is the third book in the series and book 1, Frostfire, will be reviewed later this month. One thing that caught my attention when I first heard about this series were the covers (a picture is worth a thousand words) and the story is captivating (but there are some things making me uncomfortable). It is also based off a fairy tale. Can you guess which one?

It is releasing on the 4th.

All these new releases look fun and adventurous for their own reasons and I hope to get a chance to read them. I also hope I run into a few more books that will be releasing in August. My to-read shelf might be stacking up but I'm still reading and reviews are coming.

What book(s) are you looking forward to this month? Share in the comments below.

Be sure to chew on a good book today (and this month)!


Sunday, July 26, 2015

How to Train Your Dragon Series: Books 9-11

Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - The dragon Furious has returned leading the Dragon Rebellion with one goal in mind, destroy the humans, especially Hiccup. As the dragons attack, the Vikings strike back, knowing only one can survive. Mean while, Hiccup has to survive and accept that he is to be the next king of the Wilder West. Yet everything is falling apart. He is losing everything, his tribe, his friends, and his family. Alone, he needs to find a way to stop the dragon rebellion before one side or the other is defeated forever. It is up to Hiccup to save the dragon and Vikings, and stop the wrong man claiming the throne. The dragon rebellion has begun.

Author - Cressida Cowell

Publisher - Little, Brown and Company

Age Group - 13 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Honor and loyalty is tested and choices are made on how to treat one another. Friends are determined as well as how far they are willing to go for each other. How faithful one will be is tested. Death even comes to one.

Personal Opinion - If the summary is a bit dark for this usually tongue-in-cheek series, that's because that is the turn the books have taken. Hiccup struggles with his calling and protecting those he loves as well as achieving his goals. He is devastated by the idea of losing dragons forever and is determined to save both them and the Vikings but as Alvin and his mother work on making Alvin king, they are determined to destroy the beasts. Right and wrong will be determined and loyalty as well as friendship will be discovered. Sacrifices are made, lives lost, and stakes are falling. There is only one book left in the series and I can only see a bitter sweet or a depressing (filled with tears and sadness) ending based off what has been hinted at Old Hiccup's writings. Yet, I'm looking forward to its release this fall. But, also sad at it ending. Here is to a great, crazy, funny, charming, and fantastic series of dragons, adventures, and growing up while becoming a hero.

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Other Reviews for this Author - How to Train Your Dragon: Books 1-7 - Review
                                                   How to Train Your Dragon: How to Break a Dragon's Heart - Review

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Books Releasing in July

Hello Bookworms,

Today I'm starting something new. On the first of each month, I will share about new books releasing for that particular month. I will have to narrow the books that are announced to ones I'm interested in because there are just too many books releasing to share them all (a whole blog could be dedicated to that). Anyways, there are at least four great books releasing during July and I am looking forward to each one for different reasons. Hope you are also looking forward to them.

Five Enchanted Roses

The second collection of fairy retellings by Rooglewood Press is releasing July 27 and is focusing on Beauty and the Best. The collection was created with a writing contest and contains the five winners. Five variations of the story will be in this collection and I can't wait to read it. I am currently in the middle of Five Glass Slippers, the collection of Cinderella stories published last year, and am enjoying it. If these stories are as good as the ones I'm reading now, this book will be a great read. If you are interested in writing your own retelling, you can learn about the current contest this publisher is running on here or visit Rooglewood's website.

William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh

Releasing July 7 and if you haven't read Ian Doescher's Star Wars books on the movies, written in the form of a Shakespearian play, you have been missing out. Not only are these books true to the original sources, but all dig deeper into the story and characters' thoughts and emotions. Plus, they are hilarious on how some of the original lines are presented in Shakespearian speech. They are brilliant and a must read, especially if you love Star Wars. There are two reviews for previous released books, Jedi Doth Return and Phantom of Menace, (no, I have not read these books in order) that you can read to learn more about the series.


The first book in a new series published by Enclave Publishing (previously Marcher Lord Press) who produce fabulous books. I actually have no idea what this book is about but it has a fairy with a knife on the cover and it is by one of my favorite publishers. It has to be noted. Upon farther research, it seems this series was previously published. This will release on July 21.

Go Set a Watchman

For those who love To Kill a Mockingbird will be thrilled to finally be able to read its sequel releasing July 14. This story follows the girl from the first book, Scout, who returns home where the events took place. My mom loves To Kill a Mockingbird and will be a book she will have to have as I'm sure many who also adore that book. A perfect gift for your book reader and To Kill a Mockingbird lover.

Well, those were all the books I found that interested me releasing this month (I'm sure there is more but I bet I haven't found them yet). I hope you have also found something new to read. If there is one you are looking forward to, already mentioned here or not, share in the comments and tell us a little about it. More release news next month, until then...

Chew on a good book today!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fairy Tale Collection Giveaway WINNER!

The 5 Glass Slippers or 5 Enchanted Roses giveaway ended yesterday and a winner has been chosen!

Hannah Williams
Congratulations! You have won your choose of either 5 Glass Slippers OR 5 Enchanted Roses fairy tale collection in either ebook OR paperback format. NOTE: right now Amazon is saying the 5 Enchanted Roses is not coming out until the end of July so there would be a delay in delivery if this collection is chosen. Please email me your choice of collection and format to I hope you enjoy your collection and are working on a retelling of Sleeping Beauty for the new writing contest Rooglewood is hosting.
Thank you everyone who entered. It was a great giveaway. Remember, even if you didn't win the giveaway, you can still work on a retelling of Sleeping Beauty to submit to Rooglewood. Please visit their website for full rules and deadlines.
Talk to you all next week with a review (I got behind with Father's Day so no review this week) and chew on a good book today!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I'm Happy for You (Sort of... Not Really)

"Finding Contentment
In a Culture of Comparison"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
About - We all compare ourselves to others, and usually not positively. In the end, we become jealous, depressed, and upset when someone else's life is going better than ours and worry about how others are judging us. This leads to an unfulfilling life and rotten relationships. In her book, Kay Wills Wyma relates her own experiences from comparison, finding contentment with where she is, and trusting God to leader her. While it is easy to fall back into comparison and we all still struggle with what we do and don't have, we are reminded that God has a special plan for us, that we are not better or worse than others, and to be happy for others when good things happen (even though it can be hard).

Author - Kay Wills Wyma

Publisher - WaterBrook Press

Age Group - 16 and up

Personal Opinion - This book is insightful to the constant comparison we do in various parts of our lives. While the author tended to focus on comparing herself and what kind of mother she is when examining how other mothers seem to be, I still understood with much of this book. I particularly enjoyed the ending chapters because they seemed to bring everything together and was a bit of "what to do about this" where a lot of the beginning chapters brought more of an awareness of how and where we tend to compare and how it affects us. I loved the idea of contentment (something I read about and its importance in a different book) and that it was discussed in this book beyond just not comparing ourselves with others. With the personal stories of the author and quotes by others concerning comparison and being yourself, this book really shines a light on the issues and troubles of measuring ourselves against others and how we need to appreciate and be genuinely happy for others while pursuing our own goals and not to look down on ourselves just because someone else is in a different place in their lives. Because things are not always what they seem.

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Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from the publisher through Blogging for Books.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Case of the Sin City Sister

"She's Not Your Average Nun.
And Now Sister Eve Divine's Risking it all,
Searching for a Missing Person in Las Vegas."
(Squirmy tired to disappear, like the sister in the book,
for the photo but I didn't have time for his antic so just took the picture.)
Bookworm's Ranking - 3.5 Worms
Storyline - Sister Eve takes a sabbatical to figure out where she truly wants to be. After her last visit home and helping her father with a case, she is not sure where she is belongs or being tempted to leave the convent. While trying to make her decision, another case comes in; to find someone's great-grandfather who disappeared in the 1890s after coming out for mining opportunities. But another case is calling to Eve, her missing sister. When she can't contact her, she can't help but feel something is wrong and goes out to Vegas to find her. But as she digs deeper into her sister's life, Eve is beginning to wonder what her sister has gotten into. As people begin to get hurt and a strange man appears multiple times where Eve goes, she wonders if she will find her sister alive.

Author - Lynne Hinton

Publisher - Thomas Nelson
Age Group - 15 and up
Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Eve turns to God when things become difficult and to help her make decisions while doing everything she can to help others, even people she hardly knows. Even as things become dangerous, Eve and her friends wont turn back from finding the truth. Several Vegas women hint the Eve might be a woman on the job on the street. A couple lies. Eve wants to encourage a romance between two people yet one is already married. Law breaking. Eve suggest that her sister called out to her father so strongly with her mind that her dad heard it. 

Personal Opinion - While I liked the characters and I read this book in a week and sat, absorbing about 50 pages per time, I have a lot of issues with this story. Something I did like was the beginning and end of the book, giving the reader a look into the past with the case the father worked on while Eve was away. It was fun to really see what happened to that character. This could have been a fun story on its own but is barley touched, just opens and ends the book which is really about finding Eve's sister.  Also, Eve's naivety was not believable because of how she grew up. It seemed like a connection was trying to be made that because she was a nun she didn't know the ways of the world when that wouldn't have been true when he father was a cop and preferred to watch baseball instead of going to mass so she would have know more about society. It was also unbelievable that it took the characters so long to see come clues or come to determinations when they are supposed to be "so good at this." The author would also hold back information until she wanted to reveal it but it didn't make sense not to note it earlier. Example: we meet a woman who is being beaten up by her boyfriend yet the bruises Eve saw are not mentioned when the woman is initially described, yet it is supposed to be obvious even beneath her makeup, but mentioned in the next chapter when two of the main character decide to talk about it. There were a handful of times it seemed strange that Eve was okay with something, or didn't even notice, yet was a Benedictine nun, such as when she missed Sunday morning mass and it was never even mentioned, like she didn't even notice or care when that would not be part of a nun's life style or belief. What perhaps got to me the most though was the clarification. A character would make a comment and the author would clarify it in the sentence after like the comment couldn't be taken by itself or it might not be clear. Yet it was so I felt I was reading the same thing twice. Yet, for everything I disliked about the book, I read it fast and it was a fine read. Maybe a little read best read at the beach. Unfortunately, the problems this book had made what could have been a good book into an okay book. I might read another one of her later releases, but this book needed some small detailed editing to make it shine.

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Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from the publisher through BookLook.

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