About this Blog

By using a Christian perspective, Bookworm is designed to give you, the reader, insight into varies books to assist you in making a decision on a book before purchasing. I remember thinking twice before purchasing books because I had concerns of what might be in them.

Would there be swearing to an extent that made me uncomfortable?
Gory fight scenes?
Things that would have kept me from spending my hard earned money on something I didn't like?

But, the opposite was true to. Would it inspire me and lift me up?

I tried to Internet searches to discover this information but just couldn't find the answers. So, I began Bookworm for readers who had the same concerns.

Reviews contain not only a summary of the book and my take on it, but also a short section that depicts the type of content I encountered that other readers might like to be aware of (both positive and negative). In this way, I hope to assist fellow readers with finding their next read.

Of course, one view isn't the one-and-only answer to a book so feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions, in agreement or not, in a comment on the reviews. All I ask is that the comments are respectful of me and others (disrespectful comments will not be published). The more help and opinions a reader can get, the better.
Enjoy Bookworm and chew on a good book today!
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