Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tales of Starlight Series: Masters and Slayers

Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - Book 1 - Adrian Masters has believed that dragons kidnapped people from his planet and made slaves of them elsewhere for his whole life like his mother and father and other believers have. When a chance to find the portal to the dragon world comes, he jumps to the task. Unfortunately, he has to work with an opponent, Marcelle, who caries painful memories and a hot temper. Arriving in the dragon world, they must blend in and learn how things work to figure out a way to rescue the people. But when one of them makes a terrible mistake, they are separated and death is the promise.

Author - Bryan Davis

Publisher - Living Ink Press

Age Group - 16 and up

Content - Adrian looks out for those he loves and who are weaker. Even though Marcelle can frustrate him, he cares about her and protects her. Marcelle has a hot temper but she comes to realize that and does what she can to calm down. Her family was hurt when she was young and has wanted revenge on the one who had caused it. The dragons force the humans to "breed" to get more workers and some are treated violently and burned.

Personal Opinion - Good but had trouble connecting with it like I do other books from this author. Also, the times with Jason, Adrian's younger brother, in it seemed to lack info but that might be because Starlighter, book one in the Dragons of Starlight series, is Jason and Koren's story so the info and the ability to connect with him has been done elsewhere. I did like it though and thought it brought up some good stuff to think about and promote in life. I really liked how the characters grew and how hard they worked for something better and fought for what they believed in. I look forward to reading The Third Starlighter, book 2 of this series.

Video - This isn't a book trailer but was a song made using a poem from the book.

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Special Notes - Book 2, The Third Starlighter, out later this year.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Attracted to Fire

"Only One Assignment Stands Between Special Agent Meghan Connors and Her Dream of Protecting the President "
Bookworm's Ranking - 3 Worms

Storyline - Meghan is assigned to protect the Vice President's addicted daughter, Lindsay as she recovers at a friend's ranch, The Dancen' Dust. Unfortunately, the agent heading the the team, Ash Zinders, is known to dislike women agents. But, as attraction between the two builds, so does the threats and dangers to the VP's daughter. People begin to die and it is up to Meghan and Ash to stop him before he gets their protectee.

Author - DiAnn Mills

Publisher - Tyndale Publishing

Age Group - 16 and up

Content - The characters believe in God but it doesn't have as much faith stuff as other Christian books do. Some character do come closer to God/convert but it is very light. Meghan and Ash fight for their protectee's life and tries to do what is right.

Personal Opinion - I only found this book to be okay. I didn't get into it like I do other books. I found the character/story development all lacking and the descriptions weren't very good. The main characters spend very little time with other characters in the book (you don't even get to hear a conversation between Meghan and Lindsay for several days after being on the ranch yet you hear that they have talked before then). I wish more had been discussed about the characters' past such as you know Meghan had been engaged but broke it off and I'm still unsure what happened and you also know that she wants to talk to her mom about it but when she does it is less then a page long. There was a bit more for Ash and much more for Lindsay but I just wasn't that pleased with the back stories.The mystery wasn't very good either. The reader don't really get to guess or suspect anyone except who the main bad guy's accomplice might be because Lindsey knows who it is and tells. Sure, it was great to see her fighting back but it left very little mystery. The story had a good concept but I like more mystery in my books and would have liked more about God. But, I do know the author has won awards for her books so I might try an older one sometime.

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Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from Tyndale Blog Network.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dragons of Starlight: Diviner

"The Mysteries Unfold"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - Book 3 - Jason and his father are returning to the Southlands when they meet up with Elyssa but soon after one of them is kidnapped by a dragon and must be rescued before they are executed. Koren, mean while, learns more about Exudose and tries to make the slaves work for there freedom but find that having someone see the truth and fight for something is harder than it sounds. As they all learn lessons about what slavery and freedom really is, things about themselves, and turning more to the Creator, a new threat comes that could destroy all of human kind, but not just on Dracon but Major Four as well.

Author - Bryan Davis

Publisher - Zondervan

Age Group - 15 and up

Content - The characters like Koren, Jason, and Elyssa learn some great lessons about the Creator, sacrifice, and seeing themselves as they are but loving who they are too. They also learn not be angry with themselves because they had been blind before to the world and concentrated on themselves. I was personally uncomfortable with one of the dragons saying he remade a human and infusing it with its old spirit. That was just a bit strange.

Personal Opinion - Enjoyable book with good lessons and character development in faith and truth. The characters grew wonderfully in the Creator and became wonderful examples for others in giving of themselves, following the Code, and trying to do the right thing. I like Bryan Davis's books but sometimes they get a little strange for me, as well. He has some great story ideas but, as the books go on, they get some different stuff in them such as what I mentioned in 'content'. Even though this weird with me, I'm going to be reading the final book, Liberator, when it comes out in 2012 and looking forward to how it all comes together and having secrets revealed.

Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from Zondervan through the Z Street Team.

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