Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5 Enchanted Roses

"Rediscover the Enchantment"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - A rose to mark the enchantment that turned men into beasts and only a woman can free them. The second collection of fairy tale retellings from Rooglewood Press takes the traditional tale of Beauty and the Beast and sets in in various and strange settings. Sailing on the high seas is a pirate ship curse by mermaids. A castle is threatened by the underworld and stone. A ballroom is filled with stone guests while the cursed master and lady-in-waiting must find who did this. Deep within the jungle, a Jaguar watches over one in danger. A Wulver in Scotland is running out of time to break an enchantment done out of jealousy. With each is unique, the collection brings back the story of healing love when all that is seen on the outside is an ugly beast.  

Editor - Anne Elizabeth Stengl

Author - Kaycee Browning
               Savannah Jezowski
               Jenelle Schmidt
               Dorian Tsukioka
               Hayden Wand

Publisher - Rooglewood Press

Age Group - 16 and up
Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Almost each story had some jerk trying to attack the main female protagonist. The women were strong in their morals and stance on the situation and stood their ground, loving and, sometimes, forgiving the beastly men who were cursed. Defending the innocent and doing what was right was popular in the stories.

Personal Opinion - A great collection of five retellings of Beauty and the Beast told by some up and coming authors. The range of these stories followed the traditional tale to unusual. My personal favorite was a paranormal take of the tale which surprised me because I usually don't go for that genre. Even though they each told the same story, each was unique in who was a beast, why they were cursed, and how it was broken. They were beautifully brought together and gave new light on the situation and message a traditional fairy tale. A couple of times I felt some content in the story was reflective of Disney's movie more than the original tale. Also, guys were leering (or even came close to attacking) the heroine almost in every novella. That was a bit irritating and unnecessary in my opinion and makes these retellings for an older teens and up. Those are perhaps my biggest dislikes about the collection. Yet, this is a great read especially if you want to read a whole story in a day and read multiple versions of a fairy tale.

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