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Some Great Books Being Released in 2013

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Another week where there isn't a review. This is just not my month. School is nuts and I just haven't been reading like I usually do. I have been reading a devotional which I'm making good progress in and I have the next book ordered for a coming up giveaway, more on that in a week maybe.

So, instead of a review, I thought I would post some covers of some upcoming books that I'm excited about. A couple weeks ago, I shared what I believed was the next CHAOS book by Jon S. Lewis. Now it is stated that it is book 3 and has a synopsis on its Amazon Page! Yay! Wonderful series and can't wait to see how it all come together. Found cover on Amazon along with a projected release date; April 16, 2013.

The next is from an author I discovered this year. I read Serpent of Moses by Don Hoesel and that was it. Great read, fabulous storyline and character. So when I saw this cover, I knew I had to read it. This book does have a synopsis on its Amazon Page and I felt that this time I would have to read Elisha's Bones (kinda book 1 of this group) before this one. I haven't so what do I do? Order the book along with a recent order and will hopefully read it before July 1, 2013 (the projected release date as stated on Amazon).

Last week, I reviewed Tracy Higley's Isle of Shadows which was a great ancient mystery, coming of faith, and love story. I have also read her book Petra: City in Stone which is also a high recommendation. So here is the cover of her next book, So Shines the Night, which I found on its Amazon Page along with a synopsis. Another one I am sure to fall for and will impatiently waiting to read. Projected release date is March 12, 2013.

If you have been reading R. J Larson's Books of the Infinite, book 1 being Prophet and book 2, Judge, just out, you will probably be excited to see book 3's, King, cover! What I like so far is that it is fantasy yet reminds me of Old Testament prophets. Good series so far. Projected release; July 1, 2013.
And, of course, I have tell of Jill Williamson's new book, a dystopia, coming out next year on February 19! She is one of my favorite authors so this is definitely a book to get. Read the synopsis on its Amazon Page. 

For a final book reveal, how about an author who is making his debut on April 16, 2013? This takes place during King Aurthur's time and is a take on the Merlin stories! Everyone, Robert Treskillard and his book, Merlin's Blade, book 1 in the Merlin Spiral!
 Aren't all these just wonderful covers?! Next year is bring out some great books announced here and not. There are others I am anticipating but I just haven't heard too much about them yet. If you know of any that wasn't mentioned here, feel free to leave a comment, I'm always looking for good reads no matter how much my 'To-Read' shelf is over flowing. :) Hope this brightens your day a bit. Have a good day and chew on a good book!

Disclaimer - All covers and release dates were gathered from Amazon.
UPDATE - 12-03

Found a couple more good covers. Here is the last of the young adult dystopia, book 1 and 2 Swipe and Sneak, by Evan Angler. Storm's cover is great, and purple (nice color) and looks very exciting which was promised from the last book. The projected release date is May 7, 2013.
What list is complete without the third book in The Quest of Truth series by Brock Eastman, Unleash, releasing on June 14, 2013. The previous two books, Taken and Risk, were great and full of adventure. Book three looks just as wonderful and action filled, can't wait to see what else happens and how the story grows in its mystery of man's origins.

Just found this one today. The next book in the Helium-3 books, Crescent, by Homer Hickam, Jr. This series is like a dystopia but takes place on the moon. The first book, Crater, was pretty good and this one sounds interesting and the cover is cool. The book is scheduled to come out June 4, 2013.


Was surprised with this one. I whole heartily enjoyed Krista McGee's book, First Date, and so when I found this one I was excited. Anomaly sounds like a dystopia dealing with some genetics. Her books are usually contemporary but this sounds great and I am falling in love with dystopia. July 9, 2013 is the projected release date.
Awe. More books to get excited about. Can't wait for all of them. Will have to get each and every one of them and will review all of them (hopefully also a couple of giveaways containing these books). Anyways, hope you enjoyed the updated list and are excited as I am. Have a good day and chew on a good book.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Isle of Shadows

"Enslaved in a World
of Money and Power,
Tessa Dares to be Free."
Bookworm's Ranking - 4.5 Worms
Storyline - Tessa is a hetaera, a woman who is allowed and trained to accompany men to parties and entertain. But Tessa knows she is truly a slave to her master, Glaucas, and sees her only chance at freedom is through her death at the feet of Helios, the statue of the god in the harbor. But, when an accident causes Glaucas's death, she sees a chance to live and gain her freedom from men's uses of her. With the help of a Jewish servant, Simeon, and a mysterious man, Nikos, who is not like any man she has ever met, Tessa sets out to hid the death and escape Rhodes. But, a member of the government, Spiro, has a mind to over throw Rhodes democratic system and become king, even if it means taking a few lives to achieve it. His plan puts Tessa's arrangements in jeopardy and could seal her fate to continue in her painful life. The ground is shifting and things are about to fall in ways no one foresaw.

Author - Tracy L. Higley

Publisher - Thomas Nelson

Age Group - 17 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Tessa is a hetaera and is often lusted after by man. Life has disappointed so much, Tessa wishes to feel nothing at all but learns of God's love and forgiveness. Nikos is an honorable man who respects women and does everything in his power to protect Tessa. Simeon is just awesome. Some men are creepy, lusting after women and others but nothing is detailed.

Personal Opinion - One of the most engaging books I have read this year. Isle of Shadows is a re-publication of Shadow of Colossus which completely took me back in time to Rhodes just before the earthquake that would topple the statue of Helios. Each character was wonderfully developed and grown throughout the novel (in the note at the end, the author mentions that she did a lot of editing before re-releasing this book and she did a fabulous job). Action, romance, suspense, and an engaging story filled these pages. One thing that I wish had been done differently was more of a build up before Tessa found God. It just seemed to quick for how few times she had been introduced to Him during the novel. But, loved the Seder Meal incorporated in the story. It made me think of the times I participated in them at my church. The stuff about redemption was great too. Highly recommend this book if you like ancient history, Christian fiction, and action/romance novels with wonderful storylines and terrific characters.

Read the "Story Behind the Story... And Beyond" at the end of the book, too. It has some great and quick facts of Rhodes and the statue as well as how Tracy Higley came to write the story.

Buy - Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Publisher

Links - Tracy Higley's website
             Petra: City in Stone - Review

Special Notes - Previously published as Shadow of Colossus

Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from the publisher through

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Extra! Extra!

Hey Bookwormers,

Was just wondering around on Amazon and guess what I saw... A new CHAOS Novel cover!

I know! This is so cool. I have enjoyed the first two books of this series and can't wait to read this. I am assuming it is book three because I haven't seen it before (and I have looked) and it doesn't say "Book 3" on amazon. Hope to learn more but it might be a while if amazon's projected release date it true (April 16, 2012). Anyway, wanted to share the cover and what have I have learned about it so far. If you want to take a look, here is the amazon page and, to tied you over, here are the reviews of the first two books, Invasion and Alienation. Commence drooling.

Behind but Planning :)

Welcome to Bookworm,

Unfortunately, no review will be published today because I'm behind in my reading with school keeping me busy as well as other life stuff. But, some good stuff is being worked on.

Currently, I am reading Isle of Shadows by Tracy Higley and A Hobbit Devotional by Ed Strauss as well as a few others (take a look at the side bar for a list of books I'm in the middle of, a few I am reading more dedicatedly than others at the moment). The month of December will host primarily Christmas books to celebrate the season more. I am also planning another giveaway so stay tuned!

So, if there is anything you would like to see on here or think of a genre that you want reviewed more on here, post a comment and let me know.

Have a lovely Sunday and chew on a good book!
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