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The Hunger Games

"Winning Means Fame and Fortune.
Losing Means Certain Death.
The Hunger Games have Begun..."
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - In the world of Panem, a place once known as North America, the citizens must participate in The Hunger Games created by the Capital after a rebellion many years ago where their children fight to the death as everyone watches. But when Katness's little sister is chosen for the Games, she volunteers in Prim's place. Not knowing if she will survive, Katness and her fellow tribute, Peeta, travel to the Capital to train and make a good show for the ones watching. Not knowing what kind of conditions they will be in, Katness knows she doesn't stand a chance if there isn't a bow which she has been using to feed her family most of her life. As they prepare, Peeta drops a bomb shell in an interview that Katness doesn't know if it is part of his strategy... or truth. As the games begin, she is going to have to fight with everything she has to survive.
Author - Suzanne Collins

Publisher - Scholastic
Age Group - 15 and up

Content - Katness has to hunt in the woods illegally because can't afford to buy food. Calles a woman 'witch' twice (this is the closets the book comes to swearing) and does sometimes hate and feels like taking revenge on others. But she is also sacrificial and protects the ones she cares about. Not too interested in killing people either but does if it comes to it. Peeta works hard to protect Katness. Peeta and Katness do go to sleep together a few times but that is all they actually do, sleep. Nothing else is even hinted to or thought about. The games get a bit bloody sometimes

Personal Opinion - This was an exciting, captivating book. It was good I read this during Spring Break because one day I decided to do nothing but read. Even though there were occasions of telling, I didn't get bored and I just kept reading it.  The telling of the past events actually help in this instance to move the story along quicker to the Games but also gave the needed back-story to understand where the characters were coming from. I loved the fact that the characters never swore and the romance never went any farther than talking and kissing on occasion. I can't wait to get book 2 and see the movie now.

Awards - New York Times Best Seller. Check out the author's website for other awards.

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Special Notes - This is the first book in a trilogy. Book 2, Catching Fire, and book 3, Mockingjay, are availible now.
Movie Review.

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The Hunger Games: Movie Review

"The World Will be Watching"

Katness Everdeen just tries to make it day by day illegally hunting in the woods outside her district with her friend Gale. But when her sister is chosen as tribute for the Capital's Hunger Games, she volunteers to take her place in the game where she will have to fight to the death against other teens. Katness and Peeta, the fellow tribute from her district, will have to learn how to survive and fight with all they have if they hope to come out of the arena alive.

The movie was good and pretty accurate to the book (always a plus). I saw it at a midnight showing with my cousin which was fun and exciting. Even though it was good, there were a couple of things I didn't like. First, when filming, more often then not, the camera was bouncing, which made things hard to see. That was fine with me when there was killing  because it seemed to make it less graphic (there was only really one gruesome death in the movie but that is kinda expected with the whole "fight to the death" idea) but got annoyed when Katness was running through the woods and it was hard to see. The bouncing happened so much I had a headache by the time the movie was over (but the head ache could also have been I was up all day and it was just catching up to me). Second, they added things that were not in the book. You were given the chance to leave the games and see what was happening in District 12, the gamemaker's room, President Snow, and Haymitch during the games. These were cool but not all were needed and I felt they were taking things that might be discovered in the following books. This also leaves me with my last point, some scenes seemed like they went by too fast. I felt like I didn't get to spend enough time in parts where I would have liked more time like when Katness was with Rue. This problem could have been solved, I believe, if those extra sense had been taken out.

Okay, enough complaints, rights? It was good and the acting well done. Katness was the same determined, fighting, caring person she was in the book. She didn't seem as tough in some parts as she did in the book early on but, once in the game, she was great. Peeta was perfect. He seemed just like the Peeta from the book but just a little tougher at times. The other characters were well played and were also how they were in the book. The Capital people were quite "colorful" or as my cousin called them, "skittles."

Again, it was a pretty good movie. If you talked to my cousin, she would say they did an excellent job and was completely pleased so we all have our own opinions which is fine. I am probably just being picky. Anyways, if the made book 2, Catching Fire, is made into a movie, I would go see it. Even the midnight showing.

UPDATE: Upon watching it again after the DVD release, I found I didn't have many of the issues as I did before. No headache, didn't notice the bouncing as much, and was entertained and satisfied with how the movie was done. I am now looking foreward to receiving this movie as a birthday gift from my sister :).

Thanks for reading and Happy Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor. :)
Links - Movie Website

Book Review - The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
                         Catching Fire, Review
                         Mockingjay, Review - Coming Soon

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"What if Following Your Heart
Meant Losing Your Soul?"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - Nikki Youngblood is an average teenage girl who loves karate and painting. But her world is turned upside down when she is pursued by demons then saved by three half angel, half human teenagers. As the Halflings, Raven, Mace, and Vine, try to understand why evil has decided to come after Nikki, she begins to develop an attraction to one of them. But, if he falls in love and decides to pursue her, it would cost him only chance at salvation.

Author - Heather Burch

Publisher - Zondervan

Age Group - 15 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Nikki tries to be a good person and do the right thing. She even vows to do what she can to help the Halflings get to Heaven. Mace is very sacrificial and faith full in all he does to God even though he has no garanty he will make it to His kingdom. He stands by his fellow Halflings to help them on their journey as well. Raven is a very bad boy, even though he knows it could mean he would end up on evil's side. But he has potential to change. An angel was said to have committed murder. Got a little violent at least once.

Personal Opinion - A very exciting, wonderfully told story that was wonderfully told. The characters were diverse and intriguing. I didn't  agree with everything said was about angels but I should study them more and I found that the angels were more humanish than angelish, in my opinion. Even the full angel was a bit like that. Also, they thought that being human would have been better but I personally think it would be better to be an angel. Okay, sorry if it seems I'm picking on a bunch of little things because this book was actually great and can't wait to read the next one. I would highly recommend this book to any of my friends or anyone who shows on interest in reading it. Now let me continue with the rest of the review. I loved how Mace and Nikki try to help and protect one another. The romance between the characters got a little too romancy, on occasion, for my taste but that is just me. Vine was too sweet and I hope to see more of him in the future and hope that Raven will make it through his struggles. I have a suspicion about Nikki but, if it is true, it will come up in another book. I was so intrigued and fell for the characters so much that I can't wait for the next book. Might have to go get the prequel e-book too.

I would also like to make a quick side note to the author. I would like to thank her for how she handled the Catholic priest that make a short appearance in the book because I have read books that have done a bad job so I really appreciated this. Thank you.

Video -

Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free through the Z Street Team through Zondervan.

Links - Learn more about the book and author here.

Tour Group -

Team Novel Teen is a group of bloggers dedicated to spreading the word about clean teen fiction. Check out other posts about Halflings by Heather Burch by clicking on the links above, and check out for more information about Team Novel Teen.

Buy - Amazon

Special Notes - This is the first book in a series. You can download a free prequel story here. Amazon is already acvertising book 2, Guardian. Saw two different release dates at two different places so not sure when it comes out.

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Legends of Karac Tor: The Book of Names

"A Magic Scroll.
A Cry for Help.
Will Two Teenage Brothers Find
The Courage to Answer the Call?"
Bookworm's Ranking - 3 Worms

Storyline - While Hadyn Barlow is cleaning out a hated briar batch on his father and three brothers' new hated farm which they moved to after his mother died, four birds swoop out of the sky towards him and his brother, Ewan, leaving behind four scrolls with the message of adventure. As the boys try to figure out where the birds disappeared to, they come across a huge, ancient stone which transports them to another world that has been losing its children to an evil sorceress. And believe it is up to them to stop it. As they journey to find a way home, the boys are attacked by evil beings and enchanted children, called the Nameless, continually fighting for their lives along with their companions. When one of them is taken, they will have to face their biggest fears and overcome the pain of their past to make it out alive.

Author - D. Barkley Briggs

Publisher - Living Ink Press: an imprint of AMG Publishers
Age Group - 15 and up

Content - At least one swear word (su--) with at least one other strong word. The boys are taught to fight not only evil but what holds them back inside, keeping them from doing what needs to be done but also the evil plaguing the land. One boy attacked someone who he felt wasn't a friend and hurt someone he cared about.
Personal Opinion - This book had a good storyline with the best part being it mentions Minnesota. Okay, I'm kidding but it was pretty good. Unfortunatly, I had trouble connecting to side characters and getting completly into the story. The side characters all seemed to be similar in nature and might be one reason why I had trouble connecting. It had some good, exciting moments and some interesting lessons but the book felt long and the Nameless's reasoning was confused on how they came to their conclusions. I had trouble connecting the dots until one character started to fall for it. The brothers are believable characters, their anger, motivation, and feelings.  I think this series has potential and the mysteries left to be uncovered makes me want to try to get the other books in the series.

Video -

Buy - Amazon

Links - Learn more about the books and author here.

Special Notes - Books 2, Corus the Champion, and 3, The Song of Unmaking,  are now available.
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Elves of Zeoch: The Last Two

Bookworm's Ranking - 3 Worms
Storyline - Camilla and Ebeny have grown up with their uncle, believing that their father and their mother are long dead. But one day they are forced to flee their home when a creature attacks them. They go to Zeoch, another world where evil has killed off the elf race and taken over. Soon, they learn that their mother was an elf and meet their father. As they travel to The Secret Valley of the Elves, they encounter enemies, make friends, and learn the magic that has been inside them so long. But will they be able to overcome the evil coming to destroy them and what they have just gained?

Author - Kaden Hurley

Publisher - Ambient Press: an imprint of Destiny Image

Age Group - 11 and up

Content - Ebeny disobeyed once but the girls usually tried to do the right things and stood up for and protected their friends and family.

Personal Opinion - The story had a good promise but I had trouble getting into it. The creatures were very creative and fun, quite original concepts and ideas. The descriptions and details were also very vivid. But I felt things came too easily for the characters when they were faced with adversity. The characters also used phrases and talked in a way that wasn't very believable to me. With that said, I think this author did an exceptional job for being the age of 9 when she started and age 11 when published. I believe this author has lots of potential as she continues to write and hone her skill.

Links - Learn more about the book and author here.

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