Monday, April 22, 2013

Failstate: Legends and GIVEAWAY

"A Young Superhero.
A Legend Reborn.
And a Whole Mess of Zombies."
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - Rob/Failstate finally has his vigilante license and can help the citizens of New Chayton. But things instantly fall apart with meeting zombies. Literally, yet no one believes him. As Rob works to bring down the zombies, he has to deal with the VOC, other heroes, no one believing he can do the job, and girls. But when a legendary hero returns, it is up to Failstate to discover where he stands as well as discover how to stop the zombies.

Author - John Otte

Publisher - Marcher Lord Press

Age Group - 16 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Several fights between good guys and bad guys. Rob tries his best to do what is right and help others. At one point, he and another hero go to a night club where there is some promiscuous dancing but not detailed. Drugs are also brought up as well as another serious topic, again, not detailed. The heroes are willing to sacrifice themselves to save others.

Personal Opinion - It was fun reading about Failstate again and meeting more heroes. I especially liked Dr. Olympus (she was so funny). I also liked Etal'el, who had some great advice. Failstate learning more about is powers was a treat because I had been wondering if more would be discovered. I also liked how the story brought in "history" of the heroes, which was creative and added to the world of the superheros. The story was a bit more grown up (maybe even a little dark) in one spot, such as stopping drug lords who also did other crimes. Even though the story was good, I felt  it was a bit slow at times and that some of the side stories could have been mixed a little more with the main story. A couple of times it seemed like to big a break between events with the zombies. But, the story was interesting and I think Failstate, as well as some of his friends, learned some good lessons.

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Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from the author.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Terrible Reviewer... But Forgive Me with a Giveaway

Hey Bookworms,

So sorry, but I didn't get the book I'm in the middle of this week. Feeling better bad about this. But, maybe I can make up for it with starting the next giveaway planned. Now, lets try something fun to enter until I get the Rafflecopter up with the review. Now, there's a riddle below and the answer to the riddle is the name of the book that will be given away. To enter the giveaway, email me at bookwormreading(at)yahoo(dot)com with the subject line "riddle answers" with your answer, your name, and email address for me to manually add you to the Rafflecopter for 5 entries. I will ONLY accept email entries, DO NOT leave a comment here. If I don't receive any guesses, I will leave a comment here on Wednesday with a hint. Now here is the riddle:

Now don't you Fail
To answer this riddle
For you don't want to be left in that State.
Try to be a hero
For this book will be the stuff of Legends.

As you ponder the riddle, enjoy one of last years reviews, Failstate by John Otte. Have a good week.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Marvel Essentials: The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3

Bookworm's Ranking - 4.5 Worms

Storyline - Peter Parker juggles home work, caring for his Aunt May, hanging with his friends, and getting pictures for the Daily Bugle as best he can. But add to that being a super hero named Spider-Man battling crazy criminals and it is almost more than he can bare. Despite his best efforts to protect people, many citizens hate him and think he is the cause for their troubles. But Peter only wants to help others through it might become to difficult to continue and he struggles to keep his identity hidden from his friends. How long can the amazing Spider-Man keep fighting the criminals and keep his identity hidden from those he loves?

Author - Stan Lee

Publisher - Marvel Comics

Age Group - 14 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Lots of battles between good and evil. Peter works on thwarting the bad guys who want to steal, control mankind, and other crimes. Taunting the bad guys with fighting them, Spider-Man does his best to thwart them and then hands them over to the police. He lies to his friends and family because he doesn't know how else to protect them.

Personal Opinion - This was so fun. I have never read a comic book before (the closest ever being the funnies in the paper) but I wanted to give them a try so didn't pass this up when I was it at my library say a couple weeks ago. And I've been glued to the thing ever since. I liked seeing Spider-Man's original story. I also liked seeing his inner story from a new perspective, his feelings and concerns of trying to be Spider-Man yet struggling to be a student, good nephew, and spend time with friends. The only thing strange about it was how the characters described what they were doing before or during the time they did it. But that is probably because there are pictures instead of descriptions which I am more use to. Also, the names Peter's friends called each other was strange to me but the comic was published in the 60s so that is just a culture/time difference. Will be getting the next volume of The Amazing Spider-Man! Just hoping my new interest in comic books doesn't detract from my Bookworm standing. :)

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