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Destruction Series: Imperial Hostage

Bookworm's Ranking - 1Worms

Storyline -Book 1 - "From the moment 12-year-old Prince Erechtheus docks in Poseidia, capital of the Empire, to be a hostage for 13 years, nothing in his life is easy - or safe. An unexpected and foreboding prophecy, uttered by a blind seer, puts the prince immediately in the crosshairs of Al-Jinn, the powerful and paranoid High Priest from the Temple of Bel. Only last minute intervention from Kul-Kan, High Priest of the rival Temple of One, saves the prince from a gruesome fate. Erech gains exceptional fighting skills and an understanding of the natural world as he matures, but he suffers a series of crippling, heart-breaking losses - most as a result of the many attempts on his life. At the twilight of his captivity as a hostage, the 25-year-old prince encounters one last trial, a trial that could very well lead to war between his native land and the Empire."
(Took this from the back of the book)

Author - Phil Cantril

Publisher - Journalstone

Age Group - 17 and up

Content - The good characters help Erech out a lot and looked out for him as attempts on his life was made. One even helped him learn to fight to protect himself. Unfortunately, this book had a lot of stuff that contradicted what I believe such as saying there is no God and we are all connected. Once when the prince proclaimed something as a miracle, someone said there are no miracles and it was just science.  And this is from the good guys. The bad guys believed in a god and were very creepy. There was also some sexual content that made me uncomfortable but it was mostly from the bad guys but about two things from the good guys. I don't believe that it is natural for two men to be together and yet two from the good guys were. It was strange how the the good guys said we are all connected and yet they had priests and ceremonies and had spirits.

Personal Opinion - Creeped me out in first chapter and didn't go away. It didn't help I miss read the back and thought it was something other than what it was (also for some reason I thought this was a young adult book, probably because the main characters are like 12 when the book starts). The book taught stuff I don't believe are true such as the good  temple that saved the main character didn't believe in a god, they actually say there is no God and we are all united as one, and the guys who did believe in a god were evil and gross. The bad guys also used words and phrases that I am familiar with my own religion so that made it uncomfortable. There was some good behaving characters who did good things, knew right from wrong, and protected and cared for someone who couldn't protect themselves but it wasn't enough. They also kept harping on the bad thing that happened at the temple to the main character and it was made clear what happened with this word they used in a later chapter (I like to think of this blog as PG-13 if not PG so I wont repeat it). This book upset me so much that, even though at first, because I won the book through a giveaway, I tried to force myself to read it, but couldn't do it any more. Didn't even make it to 100 pages before decided to just stop reading it. There are too many books I want to read that I know I will like more than this one to spend time on it since I wasn't enjoying it. Did learn one thing though; be careful of the giveaways you enter.
Disclaimer - I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads.

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