Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stained Glass Hearts

"Seeing Life From a Broken Perspective"
Bookworm's Ranking - 3 Worms

About - Life is tough, leaving you broken and wanting. But, if you shine some light through the broken pieces of your heart, they are like stained glass. You can find light in many things, be it books, art, poetry, or nature, you just have to find it and accept yourself for who you are, even broken. And God can make it beautiful.

Author - Patsy Clairmont

Publisher - Thomas Nelson

Age Group - 16 and up (but would be appreciated by an older age group)

Content - There were stories to show the beauty all in the world and a section at the end of every chapter called the Art Gallery that had picture, poetry, scripture, and/or music suggestions to further the point.

Personal Opinion - Good but could have been better. There were good stories throughout that were interesting but not much advise on how to incorporate this stuff and view it in your own life. It was mostly telling you to see the beauty in everything and even things broken, like stained glass, can be beautiful when put together and looked at and have light shinning through it but very little advise on how to go about doing that. Certain chapters might mean more to some people than others because they have an interest in that particular thing. I liked the "book" chapter because I like books but some might like the chapters about "nature" (I like this one too) or the "poetry" or one of the others more. The last few chapters did seem a bit more helpful in a way and brought the books concept together better than the other chapters. I wish, though, that there had been an epilogue to bring all the information together. It was good but didn't speak to me as much as others have. Perhaps fans of Patsy Clairmont might like it more.

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