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Quest for the Truth: Taken

We're Out of Here!"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - Book 1 - After  Oliver, Tiffany, Mason, and Austin's parents are kidnapped by the Ubel who believes they know where to find the Ursprung, the origin of mankind, which has been lost and sot after for generations, it is up to them to discover where they were going and what they were up to. It is a race to the prize. But they must make a stop for repairs as well as find their parents' partner. Waylaid on a planet, the two younger Wikks have a run in with strange natives whose skin is blue. And intent on keeping them on their planet.

Author - Brock Eastman

Publisher - P & R Publishing

Age Group - 13 (give or take) and up

Content - The kids care about one another but they do hide a lot and fight with each other often. Oliver (the oldest) wants to do the right thing like his parents taught him to and use the skills he got from the Academy. Each of them (except one) thinks highly of themselves but I think this is an issue among the siblings that will be covered later.

Personal Opinion - Good start to the series but I wish it had gone deeper into the story of what the parents were after and what Ursprung was. Also, I wanted to go deeper into the kids' motives, wants, and feelings. It seemed they went from one feeling to the next too quickly without enough happening to change those feelings except for taking a deep breath. But then you would think he/she would ruminate about it more in his/her mind or it would keep coming up. But, I see much promise for this series and it prepares you for what happens next (by the way, I don't know what that is but I want to find out). I enjoyed the sci-fi parts of the story like the ships that travel from one planet to another, what the character's e-reader look like (I want one), and the mysterious blue people. This book promises a great futuristic adventure building upon the mysteries of man's origin, the Alliance and how it started, and multiple planets with different life forms (kinda like in Star Wars). Much truth is still to be found and many exciting things are promised. Having left me with wanting to know what happens next, I for one will be getting book 2. Just have to find out when that one will be out.

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Special Notes - Won this copy on the publisher's website. It is also signed, which I didn't realize until I got it. You can order signed copies off the author's site.

Updated - December 28, 2011

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