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How Huge the Night

"When Had God Ever Stopped a War Because a Teenager Asked Him To?"
                                                         Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - Julien doesn't want to live in his dad's old, small home town. And he doesn't want to board the Jewish boy, Benjamin, that his parents took in. All he wants it to play soccer, be excepted at his new school, and go home to Paris. What is the big deal? The war wasn't going to come to France with their great army protecting them. But, as the war moves closer to his new home and two young refugees from Austria show up, Julien has to make some big decisions and, as his world changes, he has to see what God wants him to do and his will not only for himself but others.

Author - Heather Munn and Lydia Munn

Publisher - Kregel Publishing

Age Group - 14 or 15 and up

Content - Julien learned a lot about God, forgiveness, and love. He also wanted to protect others against opposition against them because of race or religion. I really liked the parts when he saw the truth about himself and want to change and then does. Some people are not willing to change or have excuses about not changing. This was refreshing and a wonderful example for others.

Personal Opinion - Good book. I really liked it. The only things that bothered me were technical aspects within the book, such as when the word "he" is used to start every sentence in a paragraph. I also wish there had been more on Nina and mentioned the sister more because there were several times that I forgot Julien had a sister because she didn't show up where I would expect her to be at least mentioned. Lists were also given to show what the character was doing from a day to day bases. This should how things changed from before the war affected them to how it changed everything but I don't think it was the best way to relay the information. The only other thing I wish there had been was a guide in the back of the book on the French words. Sometimes they would use a word and I would forget what it meant from when they said it earlier in the book. I like how the main character was portrayed and developed in this book. Main characters are sometimes seen as bigger or better than the other character, somehow more right or better. But, in this book, the main character is the one who has lots to learn and is even shown the error of his ways by those who might surprise you. It was a refreshing take, more human like or real is perhaps a better word. It was such a moving story about WWII and the people who lived through it. It shows persecution and how the war affected different people. I will definitely read next book by the authors. I will also recommend it to friends and family but I see why some people might not be able to read it because of how much they heard, or experienced, during the time it was happening. It could bring back memories of those who lived it (there really wasn't anything graphically described but there was enough to give an idea of what happened and could bring back memories). The book had a sobering affect on me and what happened in WWII.

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Special Notes - Apparently there will be another book. Don't know if there will be any characters from this book to that one but it will take place during WWII.

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