Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soul Surfer

Bookworm's Ranking - 3 Worms
Storyline - Bethany Hamilton was a great surfer. She was like any other kid, homeschooled, hung out with friends, loved God and family, until one day a shark took her arm. But she wouldn't let that keep her down. She wanted to surf and get back in the water and fulfill her dream of being a pro surfer. With her friends, family, and God, she would make the journey to return to the sport she loves.

Author - Bethany Hamilton, Sheryl Berk, and Rick Bundschuh

Age Group - 13 or 14 and up

Positive - Bethany placed her trust in God, even when things looked really bad. She also didn't give up on her dream. It seemed hopeless that she would ever surf competitively but she was determined to "get back in the water."

Negative - Nothing was really negative but there were a couple of things she mentioned doing as a kid that I just shook my head at.

Writing - The book was mostly in a telling format. The organization could have been done a little better and more info on the peoples' feelings and specific situations would have been better. It would sometimes talk about the attack and then the next chapter would be something about before the shark such as things she did with her friends. I think this was to see what life was like before but there was just a little too much information and I didn't always see how it pertained to the rest. It was still pretty interesting though to read and hear what it is like to live in Hawaii, surf, and about how important God is to her.

Personal Opinion - I thought it was a good book but it wasn't the best autobiagraphy I ever read. It talked a lot about her life in the past (what she liked to do, family and friends, and surfing) but I thought there would be a little more about the attack and her recovery after. Also, I don't think the organization of the book was done very well. There were stories but they were told in more of a general way then any specific cercomstance and I didn't really feel or identify with them much (there were a couple that were nicely told but it wasn't the norm). It was written more in a way a magazine writes a story but it was longer. She just told you about things or how she felt but, then again, she does say that is who she is; just tells it like it is. That is fine and all but it made it hard to get into the story. I liked the journal at the end about the making of the movie which was cool. It was a pretty good book and I still think her personal story is great about overcoming adversity but I didn't really learn more than what I was already told.

Awards - Has been on the New York Times Best Seller List.

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Special Notes - This book includes information about the making of the movie Soul Surfer. You can read my review of the movie at:

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