Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Storyteller's Daughter

Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - You think you know the story of Shahrazad. But you were wrong. That is how our story begins. As a young girl, she was not liked by the other children because her mother was different which made her different. So she hid herself from the world. But when the king changes after his late wife finds a lover and conspirates to kill him, Shahrazad knows it is she who is meant to save him. But will her plan to help him be taken as a plot against him if he learns of it? And what of the brothers of the king's late wife who now wants revenge? Will the king and Shahrazad find love before it is too late?

Author - Cameron Dokey

Age Group - 15 and up

Positive - The characters displays many good morals and the stories that were told taught great lessons that I feel are not always promoted in other books. Even though the stories were new and not from the original Arabian Nights, which this book is based off, they were great, interesting, thought provoking stories.The line between good and bad was very clear.

Negative - There was some light magic in the stories. Shahrazad would read a cloth and tell the story within it. When it was finished, the cloth would usually turn into something else. That was pretty much the magic in the book.

Writing - The  words the author used and the sentence structure was like what you would read in fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson. Even though it was a little different, it was appropriate for the story and was rather interesting.

Personal Opinion - For being a secular book, it was good. Clean and decent and I enjoyed the story. The retelling of this old tail was new, interesting, and very clean. I will be giving other books in this series (especially the ones I am interested in the most) a read when I can get my hands on them. If interested in the Arabian Nights story or fairy tales, this is a very interesting book.

Links - No website but you can find info on the book at the publisher's site at:'s-Daughter/Cameron-Dokey/9781416937760 .

Special Notes - This book is part of a series called Once Upon a Time, which has about four contributing authors. You can read the other books' titles and the authors at wikipedia:  .

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