Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Case for Christ

Bookworm's Ranking - 5 Worms
About - Lee Strobel has a degree in law and journalism and was a reporter for the Chicago Times. But when his wife turned to God, he went into an investigation to see how reliable the gospels were or if they were fake and/or riddled with myth. He sees expert after expert, challenging what the gospels say and what others say to get to the truth about Jesus. After a two year investigation, what he finds leaves him with the ultimate decision. Believe or not.

Author - Lee Strobel

Age Group - Teens and up (just because it is a deep topic and the language used and concepts might be hard for a younger person to grasp)

Writing - Each chapter started with some sort of legal case that the author had covered or knew about and then related that to what he was going to do next in his investigation on Jesus. All the chapters covered something important to show that Jesus is real and that the gospels are true. The book moved along at a good pace, covered each topic completely, and came to moving endings.

Personal Opinion - Wow. This book was great. I knew that people didn't believe in God but I didn't know some of the things they used to discredit the gospels or defenses they used to explain it away. I also never heard a lot of the challenge questions or beliefs before until the author asked them of his expert. But I am excited how the gospels and what is in them was defended by big scholars with PH. D.s and personal investigations. The chapters that moved me the most were the ones on the crucifixion, the Jewish convert's story, and the authors decision in the end. The author also gives good advise about if you are wanting to do some investigation of your own. It works well for a defense for any denomination of the faith on Jesus. There were a couple of spots I disagreed with but the only one coming to mind at the moment is how they kept saying that Jesus had a brother named James who was sceptical of him until after the Resurrection. The problem is that Catholics don't believe Jesus had any immediate brothers or sisters but someone would be called one if they were a close cousin. So James could have been related to Jesus but a cousin. But the book was really good and it defended the Christian faith beautifully. I borrowed this book from a friend and now want to get my own copy. With this book, I know more about Jesus and am even stronger in my own faith because of the things I learned.

Awards - The Gold Medallion Book Award

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