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On Tour: Books 3-4

"What is Parker Hiding?" - The Secret
"What Defines True Love?" - The Songwriter
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - *The Secret* Parker has high hopes for his band that proclaims God's love. After finding God eight months ago though, he is still having trouble with old temptations. As a big gig gets closer, several secrets Parker is hiding are going to have to come out but what will happen when they do?
*The Songwriter* With her parents marriage in shambles and a boy seeming to only like her because she is "in the band," Darby is doubtful she will ever find true love. Perhaps she is only meant to concentrate on her music. As the band begins to move up and is offered the chance of a lifetime, Darby will have to learn what true love is and that there is One who loves her the way she is.

Author - Barb Huff

Publisher - Barbour

Age Group - 14 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Parker had a sinful past but he is working hard to over come it. He learns to forgive someone for their past deeds and stands up for what he believes in. Is obedient even when he doesn't want to be. Lies for a while to his friends and family. His family isn't interested in religion.
Darby wants to believe in love but her parents make it hard to do so. She doesn't let herself be used to be popular. Still getting use to the goth Christian girl.

Personal Opinion - I found myself pulled into Parker's story and the character's struggle. It was so believable and the story is well developed for being less than 200 pages long. What Parker learned about sharing his faith and how other will respond to it was great (it even had the verse in there that I was thinking about) and what he learned about purity was lovely. Also, his conviction towards is faith was fabulous for our world today of teens who thinks it is no big deal to be intimate with a girl or who don't take their faith too seriously.

I had a bit more difficult time with Darby though but I did understand a few things with her story. I really connected on the character's struggle with her parents fighting and her not being able to shut off her song ideas (this happening with my story ideas). Still getting use to the goth girl who was Christian idea but all the characters were wonderful role models for Christian teens. *Spoiler Alert* My biggest problem with it was the situation with the parents seemed to get resolved too quickly. *Spoiler End*. But it was still good.

A great book and a series I will have to get my hands on for the rest.

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Special Notes - The Secret is book 3 and The Songwriter is book 4 in the series. I hope to get the first two books soon.
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