Friday, August 20, 2010

The King's Thane

Another book has come and gone. Beorn, a young, lame boy, is taken as a thane (please don't ask me what a thane is because I don't know but I think it is some sort of knight) by a foreigner, Bjarki, promising the king of that land that he would rid of a beast that was troubling the king. There is also a case where Bjarki has to rescue the king from an assassin sent by an old enemy. The book is placed during the conversion of England to Christendom. The boy has some obstacles to over come such as if his dream of becoming a thane would ever come true and what to think of this new God compared to the old ones. The story also retells the story of Beowulf (which I have never read but that was mentioned else where). A nice story with adventure and a coming to learn and follow the one true God and also how God has a plan for you that will truly make you happy.

The language in this book was a little tough but a lot easier than when I read the Prince and the Pauper. The adventures were told nicely and the way the priests talk about God and tried to convert the people was quite fascinating. The book would go along great if reading history during that time period but is also a good book just to read.

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