Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love Inspired

The Love Inspired books have interesting stories that are entertaining yet not so in depth that it fries your brain. They are good for being light hearted yet keep you engaged and give you a light read when needed. The most recent one I've read is Firestorm. It's about a man trying to reconnect with his son and discover an arsonist who set a fire in a forest that killed two people in a hotel being built and a local man. The woman in the story has come back home to prove he father's innocence when suspicion of the arson falls on him who was also the local man who was found near the fire. They grow in love as they work together to discover who started the fire but have to overcome secrets that are hidden among them and pasts that haunt them.
It was entertaining and good, nice messages about faith and God, but sometimes I didn't follow how they got to one place to the next in their assumptions and deduction work. But how everything came together in the end made sense but it wasn't done too smoothly.

Check out some of these books sometime, they can be really fun and new ones come out every month. There are three types of books that are available which are suspense, historical, and one that just focus on the romance of the characters. I mostly enjoy the suspense because I like the action. I have said for a long time that I need someone almost dying to be entertained. But I have to admit, they're all good.

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