Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk; Volumes 1-4

Bookworm's Ranking - 3.5 - 4 Worms
Storyline - Hiccup and his friends are defending Berk, fighting dragons, and meeting new enemies in this comic book series based off the TV show, Riders of Berk. In the series, we meet old and new enemies as the dragons and Vikings get in trouble a well as the heroes using their ingenuity to conquer their antagonists. Ride along with the dragons and riders as the work together and learn new lessons on their crazy adventures.

Publisher - Titan Comics

Age Group - 13 and up
Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Hiccup tries to be a good leader but also disobeys his father from time to time. He is determined to protect his dragon and friends. Jealousy also comes into play. All the gang tries to work together and protect their home and dragons.

Personal Opinion - This series is fun and charming but I found some of the stories missing something. These stories are not recreations of the episodes on TV but their own adventures to add to the show which makes them new. That artwork was colorful and bright, bringing the story to life. The new enemies were interesting and challenging, requiring the dragon riders to use their famous ingenuity to win. Yet, something seemed to be missing from the books. For some, it might have been a sense of immediacy with the danger and the stories went fast. One of the comic's art was a bit strange but, I like this series and can't wait to see the rest of the stories.

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