Monday, May 18, 2015

Cover Reveal - A Wish Made of Glass by Ashlee Willis

Hey Bookworms,

Today, Ashlee Willis, author of The Word Changers (which is a fantasy and sounds really good so have to get it), is releasing the cover of her newest novella A Wish Made of Glass. Here is her bio: Ashlee Willis is the author of fantasy for young adults. She lives in the heart of Missouri with her husband and young son. While most of her days are balanced between writing, reading and being a stay-at-home mom, she also finds time to enjoy forest rambles, photography, and playing the piano.

Below is the summary.

Deep in a forest glade, the fey folk dance with Isidore, a young human child. Their kinship is the very fabric of her childhood. When her mother dies and her world darkens with sorrow, Isidore finds her belief in the fey folk wavering.
The love of her new step-sister, Blessing, proves an unexpected gift in her time of need. Yet even as their friendship blooms, Isidore begins to see that Blessing is everything she herself has always wanted to be, but is not. Jealousy grips Isidore as she watches this beautiful new sister steal away all she holds dear.
Driven to desperation, Isidore turns to the fey folk once more. She has only one wish to claim from them, one chance to make things right. But she must tread carefully. For wishes, like hearts, are easily broken. And obtaining the one thing she desires could mean destroying the one thing she truly needs.

Beautiful, right? This sounds like a fun story and has a perfect cover. I will have to get this book when it becomes available which will be some time this summer! If you want to learn more about the book and author, take a look at these links.


While your here, please leave a note for the author in the comments on her upcoming novella.

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  1. Thanks so much, Rachel, for helping with my reveal! I appreciate it a bundle!! :)