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The Songkeeper Chronicles Book 1: Orphan's Song

"Who Will Keep the Song Alive?"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - Birdie has always been different and hears a mysterious song only she can hear keeps her company. Suddenly, her world is turned upside down because of this song, a curse as her closest friend calls it and is whisked away from the only life she has ever known. Now she is hunted by the Khelari, dark soldiers, meets new creatures, and fight for her life. Meanwhile, Ky, a street boy who is part of the Underground, a group of orphan children, becomes mixed up in a ploy by the leader to wage war on the Khelari. Will Birdie discover what the song really is and why it is so powerful?

Author - Gillian Bronte Adams

Publisher - Enclave Publishing

Age Group - 14 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Lots of fighting and bloodshed. Several characters seek vengeance and they also fight the desire to give in to evil ideas. Ky fights within himself to see what is the right thing to do for others. Birdie struggles weather to ignore the song or if there is something good to it. Amos struggles with his past and if he should reveal the truth.

Personal Opinion - Orphan's Song by Gillian Bronte Adams is a fun, adventure filled, mysterious book that takes some good twists and turns. There were a couple of long battle scenes yet they remained interesting and progress the story well. Ky was a fun character and I loved Amos's use of language, his strange words of exclamation and calling Birdie and Ky "lass" and "lad", giving the book a more Scottish feel then English like most fantasies. Birdie was a quiet, not tough, kind of girl yet was brave and determined. Wish there was more in of the Gryphon in the book but is seems like book 2 will have more of him. The beginning was a bit long and the breaking of the story between Birdie and Ky was confusing at first because I couldn't see how they would come together. When they did, it moved great, revealed some much craved for information, and ended with a cliffhanger. Looking forward to the next book and this is a good start to a new fantasy series.

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