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Bookworm's Ranking - 3.5 Worms
Storyline - Brian is headed to Canada to spend the summer with his father after his parents divorced. When the pilot dies and the plain crashes, Brian is alone in the wilderness to survive with only his new hatchet to help. Will he find a way to stay alive or will the unknown elements defeat him?
Author - Gary Paulsen

Publisher - Simon Pules: A devision of Simon and Schuster

Age Group - 12 or 13 and up
Content - *May Contain Spoilers* He learns to be a survivor on his own instead of being helpless. He makes himself learn and do something about his predicament and survival. Becoming depressed once, he cuts himself in hopes of dying but this is not graphic, just tells that is what he did and saw the dried blood later and regrets that action.
Personal Opinion - Good but had some trouble getting into it. Perhaps because it was mostly him having internal thoughts or sharing what was going on around him because he was alone, therefore couldn't have a conversation. Learning to survive and do things on his own, his growth in that way, was interesting and pulled me deeper into the story with his determination to survive. How he did it was fun to learn and was something I liked about the book. The ending was a bit abrupt but there are more books about Brian so I may read those. Those books might give more  to the story because there were some things I was curious about after it ended.

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Awards - Newberry Honor Award

Links - Learn more about the book and author here.

Special Notes - There are several more books about Brian but this book can be read without needing to read the rest. There is also a movie based off the book.
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