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"The Day the Blizzard Started,
No One Knew that it was Going to Keep Snowing for a Week.
That for Those in its Path,
it Would Become not Just a Matter of Keeping Warm, 
But of Staying Alive."
Bookworm's Ranking - 2 Worms

Storyline - When a blizzard strikes the small town Scotty lives in, he remains behind to help his friend on a project. But soon things become worse than they thought and becomes one of seven stranded at the school for days. Not long after, power slowly goes, heat slowly goes, food becomes scarce, and the snow is ever rising. Can they live through this? Or will they all be lost to the storm?

Author - Michael Northrop

Publisher - Scholastic

Age Group - 16 and up

Content - Hints at teens being together and other such crass stuff. Made some disrespectful comments concerning religion. Scotty helps his friends and turns to God for help. He also helps his friend and stands by them.

Personal Opinion - I didn't enjoy this book that much. Maybe because I felt that Scotty just told you what was happening or because of the characters hinting at being together or making jokes like that. I thought much of what was happening with the character didn't seem completely realistic for what was happening around them. Such as flirting with a girl when you have no power, no heat, and have to live on the second floor because the snow covered all the windows on the first floor. I did like how Scotty stands by his friends and how they became a bit more serious in the end. The adventure about the snow piling up did get more exciting but I still didn't get into this book.
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Awards - Spring 2011 Indie Next List selection, Barnes and Nobel "Must Read for Teens," 2012 TAYSHAS (Texas) High School Reading List selection, and some good reviews by several big name places.

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