Sunday, January 1, 2012

Isle of Swords

"Does the Legendary Treasure of Constantine
Lie in Unfathomed Depths, or was it
Hidden by a Mysterious Order of Monks
on an Uncharted Island?"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - The fearsome pirate, Bartholomew Thorne, travels the sea, leaving destruction behind and causing fear in hearts of not only settlers but also pirates. No one crosses his path... Until Captain Declan Ross kills his second in command in an attempt to escape an island of Thorne's where they stopped to make repairs. While on the island, Anne, Captain Ross's daughter, finds an injured young man. They take him aboard but he doesn't remember his name or who he is. Captain Ross and his crew are on the run when they meet a strange monk with a treasure map tattooed on his back. But it isn't just any treasure but the biggest hoard of treasure in the world. As they journey to the island, the young man, called Cat, who they picked up, starts to have memories slowly come back. But they are not pleasant and cause fear in Cat. Captain Ross, Anne, Cat, and the crew of the William Wallace go on a daring adventure to find the monstrous treasure. But they are not the only ones searching. So is Bartholomew Thorne.

Author - Wayne Thomas Batson

Publisher - Thomas Nelson

Age Group - 14 and up

Content - Bad guys are really creepy (Mr. Batson is good at that). Anne disobeys her father once but soon sees the error. The crew are very giving and look after each other. Cat is a good person and fights and protects others.

Personal Opinion - An exciting, pirate book... and it is Christian! How many Christian books do you know that can make pirates the good guys? Really? The adventure was fun and filled with action. The characters grew in Jesus and fought against evil. A story well strung together. Treasure haunting is something every kid dreams about and these pirates are off to find it. But, there is more to the treasure than what meets the eye. Christians applaud the wonderful lesson of what the real treasure is in this book.

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Special Notes -  Book 2 is called Isle of Fire.

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