Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dragons of Starlight

Storyline - Book 1 - Starlighter - Jason is a brilliant swordsman trained by his brother. The two don't see eye to eye on things but when Adrian goes off to find the Lost Ones, Jason takes his place in protecting the governor. When the governor is killed, Jason is framed and has to prove his innocence. On the way, he finds a way to the dragon planet that is told to hold the Lost Ones. Koren is a slave to the dragons with a gift for storytelling. But when a friend is promoted and scared of what that really means, Koren goes to find out and learns that she is a Starlighter, a prophesied girl who is said to help the yet to be born prince that some believe will free the slaves while others believe it means they will be killed. Will the truth be found out and how will the slaves be freed? Also, can Jason and Koren get out of the trouble they get themselves into that might cost them their lives?
Book  2 - Warrior - The dragon prince is born and Jason and Koren are in the Northlands trying to find help to free the slaves. But as the prince's calls and the dangers become more persistent, Koren goes back to protect Jason and a new friend. Elisa and Wallace help Axard escape from Magnar only to be caught and imprisoned. Axard and Magnar then get locked in the human world and have to find a way out. Elissa and Wallace, mean while, escape and begin to learn some history of the dragons and go to free the cattle children. What will happen when Koren goes back to the prince? Will she resist him or is what he tells her true? What waits for Jason in the Northlands and will he be able to succeed a test set before him? And what of Randall and Tibalt? What is waiting for them when they return to Darksphere?

Author - Bryan Davis

Age Group - 15 and up (some grown up issues which makes this series more appropriate for high schoolers on up)

Positive - Koren fights and wishes to live her life according to the Code set down by the Creator and wants to help her fellow slaves, especially the cattle children who are the worst off. Jason fights for the freedom of slaves as well but has lessons to learn before he can do that such as how far he is willing, and should, go to help a stranger. There is much fighting to help those who are less fortunate and who are helpless. Wallace, who only has one eye and has been a slave all his life, helps those he cares about and even rises up to be more then he ever was before.

Negative - Something from book to really bothered me (there might have been another thing but this one really stuck out for me) from book 2, Warrior. A statement by one of the characters. Cassabrie and Jason are talking about how if they don't fulfill what the Creator sets out for them he will find another and if they get in the way of the Creator's plans he will eliminate them. Cassabrie once says, "You are free to make your own decisions, unless you get in the way and endanger the outcome of the game" (they are using the game of chess as an analogy). But I don't think that is true. I don't think God just gets rid of someone because they mess up his plans. I don't believe anyone can mess up God's plans intentionally or not, but I do believe we can not do what God wishes we would do (that is our free will he gives us). But God can use our mistakes for the better and even make us stronger and still get his plan fulfilled through us and our mistakes (this doesn't mean go out and do what ever you want and not bother trying to do God's Will). I don't think God is ever out of control of the game or else, then, he is not all powerful. God created every person for a reason so would he really just get rid of someone because they don't do what they are suppose to? Is that really compassionate? And if God did just eliminate those that get in his way then do we really have free will? And would any of us still be alive?

Writing - Bryan Davis is always original with his storytelling and has wonderful descriptions that draws you into the story and makes a clear picture in your head. There are things that are weird to me, like when a spirit of a dead girl enters someone living so they can travel easier, but I still enjoy the books and look forward to what is coming out next.

Personal Opinion - The books are exciting, the characters learning good morals and becoming stronger, the stories original, and they support faith and God which not a lot of books (especially secular ones) or are world today do. I think the only problems I ever have with this author's books is that (I believe) we are of two different denominations (I don't know what his is) so there are slight differences in our faith. I agree on the more universal believes of the Christian faith, such as trusting God, and the main morals of the story, such as helping others without looking for repayment. This series is exciting and, if you or someone you know like dragons, read this. Even if you don't like dragons, very entertaining and good lessons.

Links - Learn more about the books and author at:  and .

Special Note - There is more to come in this series so I will be updating this review as I read the books. Also, in book 2, there's a paragraph missing. The author mentioned it on his blog and wrote the paragraph there. I have copied and pasted the link here which will take you directly to the paragraph:  .

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