Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tales of Starlight Series: Masters and Slayers

Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - Book 1 - Adrian Masters has believed that dragons kidnapped people from his planet and made slaves of them elsewhere for his whole life like his mother and father and other believers have. When a chance to find the portal to the dragon world comes, he jumps to the task. Unfortunately, he has to work with an opponent, Marcelle, who caries painful memories and a hot temper. Arriving in the dragon world, they must blend in and learn how things work to figure out a way to rescue the people. But when one of them makes a terrible mistake, they are separated and death is the promise.

Author - Bryan Davis

Publisher - Living Ink Press

Age Group - 16 and up

Content - Adrian looks out for those he loves and who are weaker. Even though Marcelle can frustrate him, he cares about her and protects her. Marcelle has a hot temper but she comes to realize that and does what she can to calm down. Her family was hurt when she was young and has wanted revenge on the one who had caused it. The dragons force the humans to "breed" to get more workers and some are treated violently and burned.

Personal Opinion - Good but had trouble connecting with it like I do other books from this author. Also, the times with Jason, Adrian's younger brother, in it seemed to lack info but that might be because Starlighter, book one in the Dragons of Starlight series, is Jason and Koren's story so the info and the ability to connect with him has been done elsewhere. I did like it though and thought it brought up some good stuff to think about and promote in life. I really liked how the characters grew and how hard they worked for something better and fought for what they believed in. I look forward to reading The Third Starlighter, book 2 of this series.

Video - This isn't a book trailer but was a song made using a poem from the book.

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Special Notes - Book 2, The Third Starlighter, out later this year.

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