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The Codebearer Series

Bookworm's Ranking - 5 Worms
Storyline - Book 1 - Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow - When a prank goes south, Hunter is mysteriously sent to this book shop where he ends up with a book. But this is no ordinary book. After reading some of it, he is whisked off to the land of Solandria where he is trained to be a Codebearer and fight the Shadow. Then he is sent on a mission by Aviad, the son of the Author, to recover the Bloodstone. But he doesn't realize how this mission will change him forever. Will Hunter be able to trust the Author, even if it means death?
Book 2 - Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire - Hunter has returned home and it is the beginning of the school year. But it isn't going very well. His friends and classmates thinks he's weird when he talks about Solandria and no one believes him. But then Hunter gets a message from a Codebearer captain who needs help. He returns to Solandria shortly after to find the Resistance in trouble and sent on a task to deliver the Consuming Fire to the chosen seven. Who are the seven? Will Hunter be able to complete his mission? Will the Shadow be able to reclaim him?
Book 3 - Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends - Hunter has lost his memory. He can't remember his last trip to Solandria or what happened. Suddenly, he finds himself being chased on all sides and urgently needs to find his missing father, who he has not seen in three years, and return to Solandria. No where is safe. A Watcher is also tracking his every move who wants Hunter's father and what he possesses. The end of the Author's story. Will Hunter find his lost memory? Is what his father saw true? Will the Shadow take control of the story?

Author - The Miller Brothers

Age Group - 12 or 13 and up

Positive - Filled with abundant Christian analogies that I can't begin to list them all. Hunter grows much over the series and learns to trust and be faithful to the  Author and his son, Aviad. He also learns about others and see things in new ways, over coming many trials along the way. Hunter stands up for his friends and what he believes in, even as the temptations and tests get harder and Aviad asks for the biggest sacrifice.

Negative - Out of the entire series, there is only one thing I wish had been done different. There was this one character that had been evil but had turned around but Hunter didn't trust him or forgive him. He did start to come around a little but I wish the book had shown Hunter change his feelings more.

Writing - Funny, original writing. A laugh even during serious times. You can just attach yourself to the characters and understand what they are going through and are feeling. The analogies are original and fresh and give you deeper meaning on different things on the Christian faith. The pace is good and keeps the story going without leaving out details or slowing down even when details are added.  Keeps you laughing and interested and excited and moved through the whole thing. A captivating book series.

Personal Opinion - Okay, take the scene from Tangled were Rupunzel is swinging around the tree by her hair yelling, "Best day ever!" and replace Rupunzel with me and the word "day" with "series" and you pretty much got what I feel for the Codebearer Series. I still laugh when I read the first chapter in the first book (even when I just think about it, a smile comes to my face it is so funny). It is full of humor but it doesn't take anything away from the story, it just adds great laughs. The  characters, back stories, description, analogies, and writing was very well done and not too slow, not too fast, or too much or too little information. I was excited (almost obsessed) with each book that came out and would love more on Solandria. Hunter was a character that you just enjoyed getting to know during his journey and seeing his growth in the Author. I can't remember who said it (me or another fan) but the characters seem like someone you could actually meet, they seem so real (okay, it was probably someone else who said that but I totally agree). The Miller Brothers know how to put a good book together and make characters that you can understand and relate to. Will read everything they write. Recommend to practically everyone because there is something that every person can enjoy. A Chronicles of Narnia for a tiny bit older age group. Via, Veritas, Vita.

Disclaimer - I'm not sure if I have to add this but just in case, I received book 3, Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends, for free from the publishers for pre-reading and writing a short review for the front of the book. My opinions of this book is exactly as it says.

Links - Learn more about the books and authors at: .

Awards - Book 1 - 2009 Bronze Moonbeam Award in Pre-Teen Fiction - Fantasy
Book 2 - 2010 Bronze Moonbeam Award in Pre-Teen Fiction - Fantasy

Special Notes - The book series also has a forum.

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