Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Healer's Apprentice

Storyline - Rose, A woodcutter's daughter, becomes an apprentice to a healer which will keep her from being forced to marry (even though her mother has different ideas). She is a little squeamish of blood but tries hard to do her best. Then one day, the oldest son of the duke, Lord Hamlin, is hurt and she is the only one who can help him while her mistress is away. From there, love sparks between them but, because of their different stations and Lord Hamlin being betrothed, nothing can happen between them. Can they find a way to be together or will they always be kept apart? And will Lord Hamlin be able to find Moncore, the man after his betrothed? And is Lord Rupert's, Lord Hamlin's younger brother, affections to Rose sincere or is his motives distasteful?

Author - Melanie Dickerson

Age Group - 15 or 16 and up

Positive - The main man, Lord Hamlin, is chivalrous and honorable and is even willing to give up what he wants to honor a vow. Rose is caring and determined. Both are faithful and try to do the right thing. They pray often and listen to God to find their way. The resist temptation and fight evil (Rose even walks away from a boy she likes because he suggests something inmorale). They portray wonderful role models for teens of this day and age for both girls and boys (even though this is somewhat a historical book).

Negative - There is a lot of talk about what men thought about women during the middle ages and what women were wanted for but the book never goes into detail about that stuff (that is what make this book more appropriate for teens). There is a spot where a girl almost gets attacked but it doesn't go into any graphic detail. Lord Rupert is hinted to have missed used women in the past. Lord Rupert is once offered the Bishopric of their town even though he has no religious background and only wants it because it means lots of money (unfortunately, lay men where given religious offices back in that time so this situation is actually somewhat truthful). Also, 'wench' is used on occaision in the book but mostly as a description.
Writing - Melanie Dickerson wrote an enchanting love story about two people who can't be together but I did have a little difficulty seeing how this story was suppose to be based off the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Also, how Moncore was supposed to try and cause demons to haunt Lord Hamlin's betrothed was strange for me but it gave a great lesson on what can be done in Jesus' name. The book is romantic and every girl would love a romance like this. The morals and lessons were wonderfully captured. The writing held one captive, wanting to know what would happen next until the end. This story was thrilling and the author is one to watch to see what comes next.

Personal Opinion - An enjoyment through the entire story. Rose was a fun person as she learned to love, follow God, and do the right thing. Lord Hamlin was an excellent role model for guys in chivalry and honor. I can't wait till the next fairy tale based book by this author comes out. This tale kept my attention and made me want more as it went on.

Links - Learn more about the book and the author at: . You can also watch a book trailer there. Check out the author's blog here:

Awards - The author has won awards but I do not know if this book has.

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