Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dragons in Our Midst

Storyline - Book 1- Raising Dragons - Billy is a regular kid, with a regular family, with regular problems. Or so he thought. One day he finds out he is really part dragon. But that is not the only problem, a dragon slayer has come to kill them and the other part dragon kid Billy has become friends with, Bonnie. Will they be able to defeat the slayer and survive? And what exactly happened to the dragons?
Book 2 - The Candlestone - Bonnie's father has resurfaced and wants her back. But when she returns to Montana, her friends finds out that he isn't being completely truthful and go after him. Turns out, Bonnie's father has the candlestone and found a way for them to enter it. Can Bonnie's friends arrive in time and what is in the candlestone?
Book 3 - Circles of Seven - Billy and Bonnie have to enter the Circles of Seven to find the lost dragons. In the Circles, the are tempted and tried and have to defeat Morgan and Devin. Can they get through the Circles in one piece or will one pay the ultimate price? And what are these demon creatures that are in one of the Circles?
Book 4 - Tears of a Dragon - The final battle is near. There is just one more thing Billy and Bonnie have to do. They must go to where the dragon's spirits have been waiting to be freed and free them. Simple enough. But with Morgan on the loose and going after Billy's friends and the demons, the Watchers, getting ready for battle, the clock is ticking and everything is at stake. Also, the place where the dragons are is a strange place and not all the dragons believe Billy and Bonnie. Can they save the dragons and convince them to help them in this battle or is everything doomed?

Author - Bryan Davis

Age Group - 13 and up

Positive - The characters are honorable and self sacrificial. They fight the evil that is not only coming after the dragons but also the world. The characters grow in faith and trust as they are tempted and tried. Billy has to grow the most to believe in God, his father, and an ancient prophecy that causes much mystery throughout the series until the end. Bonnie caries the most trust and faith and helps her friends, especially Billy, to gain that trust. She also sacrifices herself to save another who had be held captive in one of the books.

Negative - There isn't much negative things in the books and, after re-reading the first one in the series, there are only a couple of things in the book that I don't like. A side character, Adam Lark, is a bully and mean to Billy and Bonnie. But instead of trying to understand him, even when it is hinted that his home life is not good, he is only pictured as a bad guy but he does puts himself in line with Devin because his family was threatened. He was only depicted and shown as something bad and not shown at all as a lost kid. The end battle scene in book one at one point was a little much for me in the description (lets just say one character gets hit in the head with a sword and, even though it is not really that graphic, I cringed). Plus, I see a mother letting their kid go off to meet a dragon slayer on their own, even if it is to help a friend.

Writing - Bryan Davis' writing is captivating and his storytelling original. The characters are good and try to do the right thing and the books tell and promote good morals and lessons.The wording and depictions are captivating and imaginative. This is an enjoyable author who is worth the time to read.

Personal Opinion - I find the books entertaining and interesting. The characters develop well over the series and the hummer within the books are funny and not inappropriate (even though Walter burps in at least one book but that is about as bad as the hummer gets). They can get a little strange for my taste once in a while, but when a new Bryan Davis book comes out, I want to read it. I personally like Tears of a Dragon the best but I am not sure why.

Links - Learn more about the series at: http://www.dragonsinourmidst.com/ and check out the author's blog at: http://dragonsinourmidst.blogspot.com/.

General Note - If you liked this series, check out the continuation series, Oracles of Fire, and just coming out this year, Children of the Bard. (I have not read Oracles of Fire so I can not rate how they are or talk about what is in them)

Awards - Not sure if this series won any awards but one or more did in the Oracles of Fire series.

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