Monday, October 25, 2010

Summer of the Swans

Storyline - Sara is an ordinary teen whose life is falling apart because her shoes are the wrong color and she's not pretty enough. But when her mentally handicap brother goes missing, she learns about what really matters in life and forgiving others, even when it means admitting you were wrong.

Author -Betsy Byars

Age Group - 9 or 10 and up

Positive - Sara learns a lot about family and what is really important in life. She also learns not to make quick assumptions about people and to forgive when found wrong. Aunt informs Sara about an someone who was consumed with hate for certain people to the day he died and told her not to be like him.

Negative - Sara is a little bit of a brat in the beginning but then she wouldn't have a chance to grow. She tries to justify when she takes revenge on people for her handicapped brother but her aunt tries to tell her that holding on to angry will just consume her life. I think she got this in the end.

Finish - A sweet tale about life and a teenager growing up for childish things to seeing the more important things in life and appreciating family. There is an interesting metaphor at the end about life and what we do with it but I'll leave that for your own interpretation.

Links - None but can learn more at wikipedia

Awards - 1971 Newbery Award winner

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