Friday, October 22, 2010

The Adventures of Santa Paws

Storyline - Book 1: Santa Paws - A young puppy looses his mother and siblings so goes on the hunt to look for them. Along the way, he meets nice people who he wishes would take him home with them and saving people and bringing hope to them during the Christmas season. His heroics eventually gets him the name Santa Paws.

Book 2: The Return of Santa Paws - Christmas a year later. Santa Paws and his family is flying to a cabin in the mountains for Christmas when they crash and it is left to Santa Paws and his human kids to find help before it is to late.

Author - Nicholas Edwards

Age Group - 10 and up (The book is a simple read but their are somethings in it like how a woman feels a year after her husband dies and a woman that is living in her car with her children after loosing her job and home that maybe more appropriate and understandable to an older age group.)

Positive - Sweet and charming tale about a dog. Santa Paws likes helping people (mostly because he gets attention) and tries to do the right thing among the town. It was interesting to see how the dog perceived the people and what the people saw of the dog. The things the dog does are miracle like and real dogs doing these type of things this character does have happened. In book 2, the kids and Santa Paws keep fighting even when it gets hard and everything seems lost.

Negative - In book 1,the dog sometimes thinks that the people has abandoned him and wonders if he will ever see them again as the people worry that the dog will think that they abandoned him. This might make kids worry that their dog does think like that and gives them a defense for their case.

Finish - The story was cut though young for me but that is a personal opinion. Younger kids will enjoy the delightful Santa Paws though some of the situations in the book they may not understand. Just on a personal note, when the family goes to a service for the whole town on Christmas meant to make everyone feel welcome no matter their believes, a priest says that "it wasn't about religion, it was about community. It was about neighbors." As being neighbors is all well and good, there is something to say about religion and it being important.  We should definitely be neighborly to others around us because that is how we want others to treat us. With respect. I'm just not sure how true this statement is. Something I need to research for myself. But in the end, it is still a good and sweet book and it has a good Christmas spirit to it, would recommend for kids who love dogs.

Links - None. Some information on Wikipedia and a list of other Santa Paws books.

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