Monday, September 27, 2010

Theodore Boone: kid lawyer

Storyline -Theodore Boone is the school's lawyer. He helps kids with whatever legal advice they need from foreclosure information to getting their pet back at Animal Court. But when information to the biggest case in town falls into Theo's lap, it's going to take all his law knowledge along with his family's to figure out what to do next.

Author - John Grisham

Age Group - 12 and up

Positive - Theo is a good kid and supports his friends in trouble. He never turns away a "client" and keeps his word. When things get over his head, he asks his family for help.

Negative - The story took a while to get started and the ending could have used some work.  There was also a lot of lawyer talk which might disinterest young adults and Theo could have behaved a little less like a lawyer and a little more like a kid at times.

Writing - There were spots where I thought I could do so much with this if I was editing but I wasn't so I need to get over it. The author, John Grisham, has not written a book for young adults before so it could have used some work to be more appealing to that age group.

Finish - The only complaint I had with this book was how it ended and how long it took for some exciting this to happen. It was a good book though and the issues I had with it can be forgiven if the book becomes a series (but I don't know if that will happen). But any kid who wants to be a lawyer or is interested in the law would probably like this book.

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