Sunday, May 1, 2016

Books Releasing in May

Hey Bookworms,

May today (hey, that rhymes!) and some new books. I love new books. New stories. New adventures. New worlds. So, lets check out what's coming out that I'm interested in.

A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold

Release Date: May 16

A retelling of two fairy tales by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. I love when fairy tales are mixed together to make a new an original story and seeing how they fit together and what new meaning comes from that. Sorry for the run on but it is so fun. Also, I hear good stuff about Stengl and look forward to reading her books.

Okay, not the best list. I did get an email with about 10 books on it from Goodreads but... I wasn't really interested. It had books from authors that I've only read once, such as Becky Wade whose book is really good and has a new one, Her One and Only, and Lynne Hinton with Sister Eve and the Blue Nun, but I knew nothing about or from a company so I wasn't interested in that particular story (one was a new TMNT graphic novel, Volume 14, but I've already read the comics collected in it so I didn't see that I should post about it) or authors I have read, even more than once, and am no longer interested in reading. So, yeah, new that I have heard and read about that is releasing this month is this book. While there are others coming out that is worth the time, this one is that I remember.

Please, share what you are interested in reading (or coming out) this month. Apparently I need the help. Have a great month and see you in June for a new list (there will be more than one book next month, I can promise that.

Chew on a good book today!

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