Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Books Releasing in September

Hey Bookworms,

Happy Birthday Month to Me! Yup, its my birthday this month which is one reason why it is my favorite. It coinciding with school was not much fun but now that I'm out of school, I can just enjoy. It is also the change of the seasons, ending of summer and beginning of fall, and there are always more books releasing in fall then summer it seems. So, this month, there are four books releasing that I would like to make note of. Yes, four! Anyways, here are the releases.

Never Never

A retelling of Peter Pan but from the point of view of Captain Hook, beginning when he was a kid. A very interesting idea to dig into why Hook dislikes Peter and even to make him sympathetic too. I found this book when I was checking out a different Peter Pan retelling that also emphasized Hook, called Hook. Both of these I would like to read but not sure which one first. Maybe I should read Peter Pan first to understand the significance of the story. :)

It is releasing on the 22nd.
A Whole New World

If the title reminds you of the movie Aladdin from Disney, good, because it is published by them and asks the question 'what if Jafar got the lamp first?' Being a fan of the movie, I would like to see how this story goes. Sounds like a fun adventure. It looks like Disney will also be doing this for more of their stories and this is the first one in a series.

It is releasing on the 1st.
Upside Down Magic

Okay, so saw this cover on Twitter from Scholastic and had to find out what it was all about. Kids are in school to learn magic and this book is about the ones who mess up (like the one on the cover who can turn herself into a dragon and cat but only at the same time). This books seems like a funny and charming read and I just really want to see what happens, hopefully the troublesome magic being what it takes to do something normal magic cannot.

It is releasing on the 29th.

William Shakespeare's Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge

If you have been reading my reviews, you know I have been reading and loving this series. This is the one where the Emperor rises and Anakin falls to the Dark Side (if you have seen the movies, this should not be a spoiler). While the stories have been fun and funny at times with the adaption of the lines from the movie into William Shakespeare play language, I am hoping story moves me to tears, or some sort of sadness because of how sad this story is (I also want it for my birthday).

It is releasing on the 8th.

Now that is a collect that could break my to-read bookshelf. But they wouldn't stay there for long. Hope to see some of these as birthday gifts this year, as well as some coming out in later months (don't mind waiting for a pre-ordered gift book if it is one I really want).

How about you? Any books coming out this month that you are looking forward to this month? Want to share in the comments?

There are some great books also releasing in October so I'm looking forward to sharing those with you next month. For now...

Chew on a good book today!


  1. Happy birthday, Rachel! :)
    As it happens, my birthday is in this month too, which makes it *my* favourite month.
    I've been enjoying your blog so far, and these are my personal favourite posts :)

    Have a great month!

  2. Thanks, Ysa, for the kind words. It means so much to me to know these posts mean something to readers. Hope you continue to enjoy them. Happy Birthday to you too!


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