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The Case of the Sin City Sister

"She's Not Your Average Nun.
And Now Sister Eve Divine's Risking it all,
Searching for a Missing Person in Las Vegas."
(Squirmy tired to disappear, like the sister in the book,
for the photo but I didn't have time for his antic so just took the picture.)
Bookworm's Ranking - 3.5 Worms
Storyline - Sister Eve takes a sabbatical to figure out where she truly wants to be. After her last visit home and helping her father with a case, she is not sure where she is belongs or being tempted to leave the convent. While trying to make her decision, another case comes in; to find someone's great-grandfather who disappeared in the 1890s after coming out for mining opportunities. But another case is calling to Eve, her missing sister. When she can't contact her, she can't help but feel something is wrong and goes out to Vegas to find her. But as she digs deeper into her sister's life, Eve is beginning to wonder what her sister has gotten into. As people begin to get hurt and a strange man appears multiple times where Eve goes, she wonders if she will find her sister alive.

Author - Lynne Hinton

Publisher - Thomas Nelson
Age Group - 15 and up
Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Eve turns to God when things become difficult and to help her make decisions while doing everything she can to help others, even people she hardly knows. Even as things become dangerous, Eve and her friends wont turn back from finding the truth. Several Vegas women hint the Eve might be a woman on the job on the street. A couple lies. Eve wants to encourage a romance between two people yet one is already married. Law breaking. Eve suggest that her sister called out to her father so strongly with her mind that her dad heard it. 

Personal Opinion - While I liked the characters and I read this book in a week and sat, absorbing about 50 pages per time, I have a lot of issues with this story. Something I did like was the beginning and end of the book, giving the reader a look into the past with the case the father worked on while Eve was away. It was fun to really see what happened to that character. This could have been a fun story on its own but is barley touched, just opens and ends the book which is really about finding Eve's sister.  Also, Eve's naivety was not believable because of how she grew up. It seemed like a connection was trying to be made that because she was a nun she didn't know the ways of the world when that wouldn't have been true when he father was a cop and preferred to watch baseball instead of going to mass so she would have know more about society. It was also unbelievable that it took the characters so long to see come clues or come to determinations when they are supposed to be "so good at this." The author would also hold back information until she wanted to reveal it but it didn't make sense not to note it earlier. Example: we meet a woman who is being beaten up by her boyfriend yet the bruises Eve saw are not mentioned when the woman is initially described, yet it is supposed to be obvious even beneath her makeup, but mentioned in the next chapter when two of the main character decide to talk about it. There were a handful of times it seemed strange that Eve was okay with something, or didn't even notice, yet was a Benedictine nun, such as when she missed Sunday morning mass and it was never even mentioned, like she didn't even notice or care when that would not be part of a nun's life style or belief. What perhaps got to me the most though was the clarification. A character would make a comment and the author would clarify it in the sentence after like the comment couldn't be taken by itself or it might not be clear. Yet it was so I felt I was reading the same thing twice. Yet, for everything I disliked about the book, I read it fast and it was a fine read. Maybe a little read best read at the beach. Unfortunately, the problems this book had made what could have been a good book into an okay book. I might read another one of her later releases, but this book needed some small detailed editing to make it shine.

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Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from the publisher through BookLook.

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