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"Can She Save the Kingdom
With a Piglet?"
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms
Storyline - Kyra tries to kill the princess but, when she misses and the princess goes into hiding, she  goes into hiding and hunts to finish the job. Unfortunately, a pig is all she has to track the princess and soon picks up an annoying straggler named Frank who wont leave her alone. She will just have to ignore how cute the pig is, charming Frank is, and the fact the princess is her best friend. If that isn't enough, old friends and acquaintances are hunting for her. If that wasn't enough, she also has to decide what to do with the Witch's Spark inside her. Nothing a girl can't handle who is the best at potions in the kingdom. While Kyra searches and is waylaid around several turns, the mystery begins to fall into place and she will have to find her place and a way to finish the job.

Author - Bridget Zinn

Publisher - Scholastic

Age Group - 15 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Guy sees girl in her wet underclothes and some other jokes about nakedness. Some fights. Magic. Kyra can see into the future and tries to dampen the Witch's Spark inside her. Characters help one another even though they don't always like each other.

Personal Opinion - Poison is a funny, charming, mysterious read that was hard to put down. Twists and turns are frequent with snappy dialogue and revelations that are wondered about but doubted because they are not revealed until late in the story. Kyra is a strong female, serious about her goal yet struggles inside when challenged by Frank, a fun loving, cheery guy, who questions why she pushes people away and brightens her life. The discussion about the witch's spark vs. potions (a scientific, non-whimsical practice) reminded me a bit of the arguments between religion and science. Bridget Zinn was probably not going for that but I found it interesting to consider and think about, how one can use both in their life which was prompted to Kyra by a Gypsy. Even though the protagonist is trying to murder someone through the whole book, she is still likable yet I would not be surprised how some people would be uncomfortable with the idea of looking up to this character. She did not like the idea that she had to kill someone yet she was determined to do it. She probably didn't go about solving the problem the right way (aka: murder) but that was not discussed in the book. There were also comments to the nakedness or close to nakedness on a couple of occasions with the characters and seeing each other that I was not fond of. In technical terms, the book was well paced and the dialogue hilarious, and the character diverse with their own person but some of the back story and past events were not revealed until they absolutely had to. Now, that might not sound like a bad thing (and it usually isn't) but some of the information was held on too long so the reader couldn't even make guesses or hypothesized about the story. It almost let whatever the author to want have happen happen because it was unknown until it happened (and yes, I realize how confusing this sentence is). Fixing that would have made this good book great and probably would have landed on my favorite shelf. But, the characters take you on a fun, magical, adventurous story from page one and keeps going until the last.

P.S. I finished this book only a few weeks ago and I already want to read it again.

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