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Disney Frozen: The Cinestory

"Do You want to Build
a Snowman...?"
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Storyline - Sisters Anna and Elsa have lived under the same roof but separated. Elsa hides away in her room and Anna doesn't understand why she's left her alone. What Anna doesn't know is that Elsa has powers to create snow and ice she can't control. When the king and queen, the girls' parents die, Elsa is to become queen. During the party, Elsa's powers are revealed and she runs away. Anna goes after her but it might be harder to convince her sister to come home than she thinks. With an array of characters assisting Anna, the two girls go on a discovery on what it means to truly love another.

Publisher - Joe Books Inc.; HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd

Age Group - 10 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Elsa hides for most of her life and runs away when things go wrong. Anna is determined to help her sister, weather she wants it or not. Others are out to destroy Elsa because she is different and they are afraid of her.

Personal Opinion - This book was fun. I love the movie Frozen so, when I saw this book, I kept thinking about it and wanted to read it. Taking the cartoon and turning into a comic book was a fascinating idea and lets those who are older enjoy a tie-in book as well. Most of the pictures were nicely picked to include in the book and the adaption of most of the songs into speech was done well, keeping the original thoughts and feelings behind them in the new dialogue. It gave it a new insight into the characters and situations. Speaking of new insights, internal thoughts and fears where also conveyed in the comic book, letting readers read what Elsa and Anna might have been thinking at different events in the story.

Unfortunately, when it was night out in the story, some of the frames were too dark to really see much of the picture which made it irritating. There were a couple of changed I would have made personally. One, I would have tried to save space by adding dialogue to the same frame instead of the next one because the frames could take up a fourth of a page. There were also frames with no dialogue between spots when characters were talking which didn't seem necessary to me. Two, The beginning song with the ice harvesters didn't resemble the message at all but was just pointless conversation between the men. It took up too much space and I love that song so it was not a good beginning. Third, I would have liked to have seen some frames take up more space on the page, SPOILER like Elsa's ice palace at one point was contained in two to three frames and I would have liked to have seen it in one that took up half or two-thirds the page END SPOILER. It would have given a more dramatic effect.

Now, this adaption was good and fun, I had a hard time putting it down, I'm just thinking these changes would have made it better. Still, if you like Frozen, you would probably like this comic book of the movie where there are internal insights into the characters and lots of fun visuals from the movie.

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  1. I have to say as much as I love Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Rapunzel is still my favorite DP. She's artsy-crafty like me and our personalities are a bit similar (not completely, but some aspects match). Thanks for the chance to win!



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