Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Yawning at Tigers

"You Can't Tame God,
So Stop Trying"
Bookworm's Ranking - 5 Worms
About - We often talk about God's loving kindness, mercy, and companionship. Yet, in making God a buddy, we tend to bring God down to our own understanding, taming the tiger that He is. Beautiful and majestic yet capable of being ferocious and dangerous. With detailed sources from the Bible as well as scholars, Drew Dyck takes readers though an adventure of seeing both sides of this loving yet dangerous God that we call Abba, follow, and love.

Author - Drew Nathan Dyck

Publisher - Thomas Nelson

Age Group - 17 and up

Personal Opinion - The premise of this book, that we shrink God down to a size we understand thus remove his awesomeness, hit home because it is something not only have I done but have seen in similar instances that Dyck cited. I loved how he used personal and media stories to introduce the topic of each chapter, bring it home, and the quotes he used to support his points. I also love that, despite this book is about not shrinking God to being your best bud but also seeing his wonder and power, it was not fire and brimstone either but brought back to the contradiction, near and fare, merciful but just, loving and wrathful, He has always been. This book was true to life and made me think of God in a new way but not contradictory to my faith. Instead, renewed the view of him. One thing I wish this book had done more was give ideas of how to renew that image and relationship with God. It mostly brought an awareness of what was happening but maybe that is a good start to changing how we approach and treat our Lord.

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