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"Making Wise Choices
In the Midst of Raw Emotions."
(Picture to Come)
Bookworm's Ranking - 4.5 Worms

Abou - Ever blow up when stressed or angry? Stuff everything down so deep that no one knows what's worng yet it affects your relationships? Ever feel guilty for these things and your angry feelings? Lysa TerKeurst has felt the same way but is also learning how to make "imperfect progress" in overcoming these struggles. She wants you to come along on this journey and find God's healing and change into a better human being. Start learning to stop coming unglued today.

Author - Lysa TerKeurst

Publisher - Zondervan

Age Group - 18 and up

Personal Opinion - I enjoy TerKeurst's funny, insightful, and true to life writing so much. Not only is she engaging but also shares to true life examples that others can understand. Also, the Biblical answers are really good and make great impressions on the memory. I previously read her Devotional of this same book and found that it had a lot of the same information with only a couple differences. Not that that is a bad thing (I bet the same could be said about the Devotional). I did like how figuring out how you either explode or stuff was done differently in this book and how the information was more put together in a block than just a few pages a day. So I think this book is great but so is the Devotional. So I would recomend that if you like smaller sections at a time, read the Devotional. But, if you like more information at a time, read this book. But, if you want to read both, I wont stop you. :) 

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