Monday, May 27, 2013

The Safe Lands: Captives

"One Choice Could Destroy Them All." 
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms 

Storyline - The village of Glenrock follows their Elder, Papa Eli, in living lives obedient to the teachings of the Lord and listen to his warnings to stay away from the Safe Lands and their destructive ways. But the Safe Lands are unable to have children without the Thin Plague and are willing to do whatever it takes to get some surrogates and donors who do not have the disease. So when Omar, one who is different to most of the men in Glenrock, betrays his people, the men and women are kidnapped to create uninfected children for the new lands. The Safe Lands are intriguing and new, catching their interest, yet something isn't right about this place. Several of the Glenrock work to find a way out but will it be enough and one of the Glenrock people, Mason, thinks he might be able to find a cure for the people.

Author - Jill Williamson

Publisher - Zondervan

Age Group - 16 and up

Content - *May Contain Spoilers* Women are required to artificially become pregnant and men have to donate. Some fights and shooting, characters die but the events are not graphic or gory. The characters enjoy the pleasures of the Safe Lands but they see where things are not right and try to get out. Lies are

Personal Opinion - The world was colorful and original and new, with new technology which was interesting and believable that one day we could get to that. The language was cool in how it changed from how we speak today. The characters were diverse and realistic, with real dreams and pains and struggles. There were a couple of times the character reactions didn't seem believable such as how they started enjoying the Safe Lands after being kidnapped, seen family killed and taken away, and told they will have children against their will yet don't fight too hard and eat the food and dress in their clothes. The pacing was good, moving a long and introducing the world pretty well as the story went. I found it a bit slow though but I can't seem to pin point what made it feel that way. Most of the reasons I come up with are all me so I'm leaning towards that is the reason. Still, Jill's books are good and this one was still interesting and the characters are good so I will be reading the next book in the Safe Lands series.

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Disclaimer - In exchange for an honest review, I received this book for free from the publisher/author through Team Novel Teen.

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  1. The technology was VERY real, wasn't it? Hehe. Glad you liked it, Rachel!

  2. Thanks for the review, Rachel! I had a lot of fun creating the stroyworld, coming up with the technology and slang. Thanks for listing my other books. I love that your review of Project Gemini is coming. The book is coming too! Soon! :-)

  3. The government already enforces alot on its citiens, and I think it will continue, esp. in the area of healthcare and education. For example, all children attending school need certain vaccinations. This is for their own good (and the good of others around them), but the immunizations list keeps changing . . .

  4. I think the government could end up enforcing things like gun control.

  5. She definitely did a good job of bringing another world to life!

  6. Totally with you on the world being original and new! Jill did a great job world-building!

  7. Hmm. I don't really know. Maybe gun laws?
    Sounds like a cool story!

  8. Thanks for the review! Nice and thorough, and it brought up some different angles of the book that I hadn't heard of yet. Now I'm even more excited to read it; it seems really original. And I love the Safe Lands website.

  9. Loved the book and your review.


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