Sunday, April 14, 2013

Terrible Reviewer... But Forgive Me with a Giveaway

Hey Bookworms,

So sorry, but I didn't get the book I'm in the middle of this week. Feeling better bad about this. But, maybe I can make up for it with starting the next giveaway planned. Now, lets try something fun to enter until I get the Rafflecopter up with the review. Now, there's a riddle below and the answer to the riddle is the name of the book that will be given away. To enter the giveaway, email me at bookwormreading(at)yahoo(dot)com with the subject line "riddle answers" with your answer, your name, and email address for me to manually add you to the Rafflecopter for 5 entries. I will ONLY accept email entries, DO NOT leave a comment here. If I don't receive any guesses, I will leave a comment here on Wednesday with a hint. Now here is the riddle:

Now don't you Fail
To answer this riddle
For you don't want to be left in that State.
Try to be a hero
For this book will be the stuff of Legends.

As you ponder the riddle, enjoy one of last years reviews, Failstate by John Otte. Have a good week.


  1. Very clever! Can't wait to read your next riddle . . .

  2. Thanks to those who guessed. The rest of the giveaway is now live so no more guesses on this can be given. The answer is Failstate: Legends.

  3. Did you announce the winner to Chokepoint?

  4. Yes, the winner of Chokepoint has been anounced. You can check it out here:


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