Sunday, September 16, 2012

Prove It! God

"Got God?"
Bookworm's Ranking - 5 Worms

About - Ever be in a conversation about God and your friend asks you if you believe in God and/or why? Had trouble answering that? Ever been asked that if there is such a loving God, why do innocent people suffer? Or be told that they don't need to be told how to live their life? This book covers those questions and more, each chapter containing a question and an answer using reason, quotes by those who have gone before us, and examples of good ways to approach the topic. Don't be afraid, share with your friend why you believe in God in a honest, kind, and loving way using reason and His word.

Author - Amy Welborn

Publisher - Our Sunday Visitor

Age Group - 15 and up

Personal Opinion - Excellent. Fantastic. Engaging. Well Reasoned. Brought me closer to God and understanding why I believe what I believe. Sometimes I fall into the trap that started this book, "Why do you believe in God." "I always have." Not a very good answer to someone who doesn't believe or has doubts about Him. But now, I understand more and have some useful advice on what to say and how to reason it. I have also fallen into the trap of having to prove it and becoming defensive and heated when discussing these kind of things. The book reminded me to stay calm and how to go about discussing things things farther without attacking anyone. The book did use the words 'absurd,' 'silly,' and other such phrases when stating unbelievers and doubters claim why they doubt God which might turn someone coming to faith off from reading this book. But I loved it and will be recommending it in the future and work on remembering its advice and arguments when discussing these things in the future.

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