Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elves of Zeoch: The Last Two

Bookworm's Ranking - 3 Worms
Storyline - Camilla and Ebeny have grown up with their uncle, believing that their father and their mother are long dead. But one day they are forced to flee their home when a creature attacks them. They go to Zeoch, another world where evil has killed off the elf race and taken over. Soon, they learn that their mother was an elf and meet their father. As they travel to The Secret Valley of the Elves, they encounter enemies, make friends, and learn the magic that has been inside them so long. But will they be able to overcome the evil coming to destroy them and what they have just gained?

Author - Kaden Hurley

Publisher - Ambient Press: an imprint of Destiny Image

Age Group - 11 and up

Content - Ebeny disobeyed once but the girls usually tried to do the right things and stood up for and protected their friends and family.

Personal Opinion - The story had a good promise but I had trouble getting into it. The creatures were very creative and fun, quite original concepts and ideas. The descriptions and details were also very vivid. But I felt things came too easily for the characters when they were faced with adversity. The characters also used phrases and talked in a way that wasn't very believable to me. With that said, I think this author did an exceptional job for being the age of 9 when she started and age 11 when published. I believe this author has lots of potential as she continues to write and hone her skill.

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