Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to Train Your Dragon: How to Break a Dragon's Heart

Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - When Camicazi goes missing, warriors of Berk go searching with the Bog-Burglars. But are surrounded by Uglithugs who wants to know who has been sending love letters to the Chief's daughter. Hiccup discovers it was Fishlegs so, to protect him, he claims he did it and is sent on an impossible task that 11 others have gone on, have not come back. Fishlegs, not wanting to be a joke and to discover who is family is, goes on the task but gets captured. Will he and the others escape before being sacrificed by the Berserks? Will Hiccup find a way out? And will he finally overcome this one particular villain?

Author - Crassida Cowell

Publisher - Little, Brown and Company

Age Group - 13 or 14 and up

Content - Hiccup lies once to protect a friend and a second so a bad guy wont kill him. Hiccup hears a prophesy about himself and wonders if it could be true. He tries to help and protect others.

Personal Opinion - This was a good book for the How to Train Your Dragon Series. I think it let you in on more of the personal history of Hiccup and his family and a friend. I did find the prophesying of an old king about the future was a bit strange (and the witch) but I still found it the same good, tongue-in-cheek funny, lesson teaching story that the How to Train Your Dragon Series is. The reader got to be more personal with the characters than before, in my opinion, with this book. I look forward to the next adventure and what craziness will happen.

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Special Notes - This is the eighth book in the series. How to Train Your Dragon Review. This review is done in an older style than more more recent reviews.

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