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Humanity has been upgraded.
You are now obsolete."
Bookworm's Ranking - 4 Worms

Storyline - Kyle just volunteered to help his friend with a hypnotizing demonstration at the town's talent show. What he didn't volunteer for was what happened when he woke up. Everyone was changed... Yet, they still looked the same. What happened and why did it happen?

Author - Mike A. Lancaster

Age Group - 13 or 14 and up

Content - The characters were good. Not as in well developed good (that too but there were a couple things that I wish had been developed more) but as in good behavior and morals. The main character paid for something when he could have easily just taken (this makes sense if you read the book). The main characters also look out for each other and help one another. One even mentioned trying to help this girl who had wanted to end her life. It mentioned God twice (and not in a derogatory teams) but it was kinda just in passing. The characters also came to realize what they had before 'the change' and saw how important it was. Not much bad stuff but they did lie once and said 'arse' but I think that is better than the alternative. Some people might be uncomfortable with the fact evolution kinda played a role in the book but I will discuss that in the "Personal Opinion" part.

Personal Opinion - So, I have always had this question. A question I never shared with anyone but always wondered about and this book answered that question. That question was... Do you dial the same number in an emergency as you do in America in another country or is it different? Okay, not a very important question but I have wondered about it. Anyways, back to the review. When I finished the book, it left me with kinda the feelings I had when I first saw Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I had a tingle up and down my spine and on my arms. By the way, this is a complement. I found the book interesting and it had a cool concept. I read it in two days. Unfortunately, I can't share too much about it because it was so entangled together I would give away too much of the story but it was full of adventure and mystery. It really made you wonder what was going on. The character were nicely created and the story put together well with back stories coming at good spots. I don't read to many futuristic stories (I usually just watch those) but this one had an original idea about the future and you get a taste of it in the little, grey boxes spread out within the text. I don't believe in evolution but the book had an interesting twist to it but, again, I would give away too much if I said much more. There still was a hint of a higher being but, unfortunately, it left you wondering how good they were. I really liked the book and look forward to reading book 2. Just some advise if you do read it though; read everything. All the little boxes in the text (which can be funny and show a little about how the 'future' will be like) and the Editor's Note in the beginning and the Afterwords in the end because they are all part of the story and you will miss something if you don't.
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Special Notes - Another book coming out, 1.4 (That might be the title in Europe though). This book is under another title in Europe, 0.4. Also, if you try to look this book up on goodreads, it is easiest to find it if you type in the author's name instead of the book title. I would get stuff about the human body when I used the title but found it instantly when I used the author's name.

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