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Conspiracy 365: January-April

Bookworms Rating - 4 Worms

Storyline - Book 1-4 - January, February, March, April - It all starts on New Years Eve when an old man Cal has never met, or seen, before tells him that his father was murdered and someone was going to be coming after him for the next year. After that, one thing after another almost kills Cal until he is eventually driven from his home and family. As Cal tries to piece together the mystery his father told about before his illness and death, he must also survive the coming attacks. What ever and where ever they come. As the months continue, he has to stay hidden and secretive to stay alive. Will he make it and find the secret his father found?

Author - Gabrielle Lord

Age Group - 12 and up

Content - Cal supports and cares for his mother and doesn't want to add any burdens to her but hides important information and events from his mother (he learns this as well but a little too late). .  He loves his sister, talks to her, and is good to her. Even though he doesn't like his uncle, he tries to help him once. In book 2, he tries to save someone who is after him from death and starts to see his uncle in a new light. But, Cal does some irresponsible things several times throughout the series. He once meets someone in a park alone at night (but quickly learns that was a mistake). He also calls his uncle a liar and a jerk. He describes an angel as "stinking" (but, from the situation he's in at that moment, I can kinda understand why he used that description) and his father didn't really follow any one religion but said "life was his religion". In book 2, he follows a girl into a house as she steals something (she says it is hers but still), Boges forges his mum's signature, and several times Cal steals. Not just food but others things (I wont go over them because it will spoil it) and once attacks a policeman. There is also some language

Personal Opinion - I found this book entertaining, fast moving, and engaging. Even though this book was under 200 pages, it did a wonderful job of describing the characters, emotions, events, past events, what something looked like, ect. The endings are very fun, being in a way I enjoy (cliffhanger). But, at least in the first book, it was a little choppy when, in the middle of a chapter, it updated the time it was during that day which interrupted the story too much. An interesting gimmick but took a book to get use to. I wish the character didn't steal so much and used less bad language (but I would prefer no fowel language. Besides, compared to some books I have read, this one has very little) but the character can still grow and come to find new things. Even though his father didn't follow any one religion, there wasn't any religious bashing which was also nice. An exciting series so far but I think I need to wait to see how it ends before recommending it.

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Special Notes - Each month during the year 2010, a new book in the series came out to correspond with that month. There are 12 books total.

Originally posted on 4/03/2011 on book one. Re-posted on 4/10/2011 with book 2. Updated on 10/16/2011 for books 3 and 4.

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